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Who: Everyone who wants to participate!
Where: The Mindscape (and elsewhere in reality, if specified)
When: September 6th through September 8th
Rating: PG-13 to R for potentially disturbing, violent, or dark subjects.
Summary: Thanks to an explosion on the third floor, every time a person falls asleep, they enter the Mindscape...

The Story: Improper use of machinery could lead to utter catastrophe. )
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Who: Stanley Pines ([personal profile] charlastan) and Rick Sanchez ([personal profile] wriggedywrecked)
Where: The bar
When: After the most recent Mirror Event, Backdated to hell due to a hiatus oops, after this thread.
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Stan got murdered in an event and he and Rick drown their sorrows like well adjusted adults.
The Story: Replaced by pints of whiskey, cigarettes, and outer space. )
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Who: Stanley Pines ([personal profile] charlastan), Mirror Ford ([personal profile] orzinlmhgvi), Stanford Pines ([personal profile] mviw), Dipper Pines ([personal profile] krmvgivv), and Mabel Pines ([personal profile] powerofmabel)
Where: Stan's Room (Third Floor, Room 17)
When: Wednesday 5/17 - Midway through the event, then 5/19 for the revival, then whenever the kids come visit their Grunkle after that.
Rating: R for muRdeR
Summary: Stan and Ford bunker away from the Mirror Mess currently going on, and this proves to not be such a great plan. Ford gets stuck on Mirrorside for a bit and Stan winds up very dead at the hands of Mirror Ford.
The Story: Over the falls and into the drink - the barrel breaks and we slowly sink )
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Who: Stanley Pines [personal profile] charlastan and Ford Pines [personal profile] mviw, and a very lazy OTA catch-all
Where: Around the citadel at inappropriately high speeds
When: 4/1 - 4/4 (Backdated event log)
Rating: PG-13? PG? Who knows.
Summary: Stan and Ford alter a flying car to go to absurd speeds. This is a wonderful idea with absolutely zero potential consequences.
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Where: Your dreams!
When: Friday February 17th - Monday February 20th (The length of the event!)
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A catch-all log for everyone's dreams in this event, and all of the subconscious shenanigans within them!
The Story: Show me the side streets in your life. )
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Who: Frisk, some closed starters, and then YOU
Where: By the Rabbit Hole and then in gay baby jail
When: 12/27 and onward
Rating: PG-13 and up for a suicide attempt
Summary: The world turns on and on without me. This I know well. And yet I wonder. Despite seeing the same places, the people are never in the same spot. The only thing that remains is ȟ᷾̚ö͎᷆w͒̽̎ I̟᷿᷃ f̸̴᷾ͧ̑᷾͘e̯̮͖̓᷾ͧ͊l͈̭̼̟᷅̕͞l͏̶͆ͭ͊͌ͅ.
Story: i can't go home, but i can't do this alone, no )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: December 15th - December 25th, whenever a character is asleep.
Rating: PG-13 (Warn if Higher)
Summary: A catch-all for everyone's mysterious alternate Wonderland dreams!
The Story: Just like the ones I used to know. )
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Who: Frisk and a few closed prompts + a few open ones!
Where: Alphys's lab, by the vendors, maybe more?
When: 11/01 - 11/08-ish (may be subject to change)
Rating: PG-13 for children in peril, suicide ideation, depressive mindset, and bad decisions
Summary: Shit happened. Someone give this cast an intervention.
The Story: red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me )
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Who: John Winchester and garbage men over 40. No girls or kids allowed.
Where: John Winchester's "study" in his and Mary's room
When: The night of 11/5
Rating: JFC i don't know, let's to a blanket R
Summary: It's old(er) dude poker night and that means drinking, cheating, and smoking.
The Story: And it was to his queen turned )
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Who: Ford ([personal profile] mviw) & YOU! | Closed prompts for Fiddleford, Wendy & the kids, tiny!Rick and Frisk, and Bill Cipher
Where: Around Neverland
When: Through the Neverland event + the Aftermath
Rating: PG-13/R for violence, swearing, limb amputation
Summary: Ford tries to protect his best friend, his nephew and niece, his friend's daughter, and his brother. It goes horribly awry. (You could say the casualties are about half his armies.)

(This log is corresponding to the events in THIS log.)

The Story: Eternal silence of the sea--I'm breathing, alive. )
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Who: Stan Pines [[profile] charalastan/[personal profile] stanowar], his Lost One pals Rick [[personal profile] wriggedywrecked] and Frisk [[personal profile] determinedest], and those jerks who keep trying to KIDNAP HIM - Ford [[personal profile] mviw], Fiddleford [[personal profile] mcgucket], Wendy [[personal profile] canofwhoopass], Dipper [[personal profile] krmvgivv], and Mabel [[personal profile] powerofmabel] - if I've forgotten anybody gimme a shout and I'll add you in!
Where: Neverland
When: October 21st - 25th
Rating: PG-13/R for violent, violent children
Summary: Stan has been a Lost One for almost as long as he can remember, ever since his Dad kicked him to the curb and his brother just watched it happen. It's been almost fifty years, and now after all this time, Ford's finally decided to go looking for his brother? Well, Stan's not going - not without a fight.
The Story: Stop! BE STILL! )
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Who: Stanley Pines [[personal profile] charlastan] AND YOU
Where: Hogwarts! All over the place!
When: Oct 1st - Oct 5th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A catch-all log for Stan Pines! He's a seventh year Slytherin with a horrible case of senioritis and zero life goals! All replies will come from [personal profile] stananigans.
The Story: Passing round a skinny joint, rolling up to look out point. )
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Who: The Pines Family! (Dipper [[personal profile] krmvgivv], Mabel [[personal profile] powerofmabel], and the Grunkles [[personal profile] charlastan and [personal profile] mviw])
Where: The kids' room (Floor 3, Room 16)
When: Sunday, September 11th (backdated)
Rating: PG
Summary: Literally everyone is partied out at this point, but Stan and Ford can't just ignore the kids' birthday.
The Story: I'm happy, I'm happy. )
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Who: Dipper, Dipper, and YOU?
Where: Outside!
When: 9/7
Rating: PG at highest probably
Summary: Dipper and Dipper are hanging out doing what Dippers do best: bashing their heads against difficult puzzles.
The Story: this is my rubik's cube i know i can figure it out )
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Who: E V E R Y O N E
Where: Everywhere that isn't one of the parties! Both Sides!
When: Sept 1st to Sept 10th
Rating: G to PG-13 (please label higher ratings, thank you!)
Summary: Wonderful parties are springing up all across Wonderland, but there are still plenty of other places to explore. This is a log for any new arrivals who want to experience different parts of Wonderland life, and any current guests not in the mood for a log or transmission of their own.

Please also see THE FOURTH WALL MASTER POST for rules, information, and all the fun parties you can visit!
The Story: If the fates allow... )
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Who: Frisk (+ potential bonus Chara) and YOU!
Where: In your room. Yes, your room.
When: August 21st - August 23rd
Rating: PG? PG-13? these threads always end up bouncing all over the place. Will adjust if needed.
Summary: There's a small child in your room. Maybe they're going through your personal effects without any regards for privacy. Look, this is perfectly socially acceptable behavior in an RPG, all right?
The Story: but you won't see me fall apart )
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Who: Stan Pines [[personal profile] charlastan] and YOU!
Where: Anywhere on Genosha, but mostly the sketchier parts of the city.
When: 8/5 - 8/9
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stan's lived a pretty rough life on Genosha, despite being a mutant. He doesn't look like a mutant at a glance and doesn't have obviously provable powers, so he's fallen into a life of hard crime to get by and, he's watching his great-niece and nephew. And an extra litter of illegally smuggled laser puppies.
The Story: I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, and there ain't nothing in this world for free! )
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Who: Dipper, Mabel, Frisk, Chara, Ellie, Soos, River, Faith, Peter, Elizabeth, Ford, Stan, Rick.
Where: Various places around the Mansion
When: 7/20
Rating: PG-13 probably thanks Rick's mouth
Summary: The grown-ups have created a doomsday portal. Time for the kids to take matters into their own hands.
The Story: we’ll fight tough; we’ll play fair, but we’re sure to win because we’ll team up )
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Who: EVERYONE (if they want to live)
Where: EVERYWHERE (inside the mansion, knocking on doors)
When: 6/24 - 6/27
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The Summerween Trickster has made his decree - Trick or treat...or die! This is a mingle log for Trick-or-Treating!
The Story: This is Summerween! This is Summerween! )
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Who: Ford Pines [[personal profile] mviw], Stan Pines [[personal profile] charlastan], Rick Sanchez [[personal profile] wriggedywrecked], Elizabeth Comstock [[personal profile] uncaging], AND YOU
Where: Secret Basement Lab (Closed) and everywhere else (Open!)
When: 6/22, midnight.
Rating: PG? PG-13?
Summary: Two scientists, a con man, and a girl who can rip tears in reality walk into a bar. By which I mean they walk into a basement lab, build a portal, and fire it up for its first test...and kind of mess up gravity for a couple minutes.
The Story: And we could run away – run away from here. )
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Who: Stan Pines [[personal profile] charlastan] and OPEN
Where: In the mansion briefly, and then all Deep Roads all the time
When: 5/5 to 5/9
Rating: PG-13 maybe? In Deep Roads, no one can hear your grown-up cursing!
Summary: Stan was doomed the second precious treasured golden things were mentioned, so surely no one is surprised when he ditches the surface for a perfect treasure-tunity.
The Story: Take to the hills right away. I'm gonna get my perfect body back someday )
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Who: Stanley [[personal profile] charlastan] and Stanford [[personal profile] mviw] Pines
Where: Ford's Room, Third Floor Room 33
When: 4/19, sometime after this thread.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The kids are safe, Soos isn't, and it's a bad event all around for Stan. It's also time for Ford to learn some things about the last zombie event.
The Story: There's an ache to this town, and something's gotta give. )
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Who: Stanley Pines [[personal profile] charlastan] and Stanford Pines [[personal profile] mviw]
Where: Stan's Room (Third Floor, room 17)
When: late on 3/7 - after the event ends, but before Ford's canon update.
Rating: PG
Summary: Ford shrinks back to normal size and regains his memories and he really, really needs someone right now.
The Story: If you want me to stay, I will stay by your side. )
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Who: Ford ([personal profile] mviw) & YOU!
Where: Gardens/Mansion Grounds/the Beach
When: 3-4/Through the end of the event.
Rating: PG-13 (Precaution for language.)
Summary: Ford meets the Fawn and literally forgets himself; then gets tangled up with pesky violets and has nothing sweet to offer them. Unable to get back inside the mansion, he's... stuck outside.
The Story: Now you're the only thing in your way. )
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Who: EVERYONE and all the stars in the sky
Where: Mostly on the grounds, though some have crashed through windows and walls.
When: 2/29 → 3/6
Rating: PG-13, label it if you're gonna go higher.
Summary: Shooting stars have fallen in Wonderland, and they're bringing with them glimmers of Wonderyears past! A catch all log for the fallen star holograms.
The Story: Never let it fade away. )
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Who: Ford Pines ([personal profile] mviw) his owl and YOU!
Where: Various (Mystery Shack, the Library, & Elsewhere)
When: Gravity Falls Event through Upcoming Memory Event
Rating: PG-13 for potential swearing.
Summary: Ford adjusts to Wonderland by trying to be a shut-in, but his family and new friends have other plans. Also, he has an owl and a driving sense of curiosity.
The Story: Pick a prompt or start your own! You'd be surprised to find how much was in your mind. )
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Who: Alex Kralie and anyone/everyone
Where: All around Gravity Falls
When: February 5th-9th (specify which day in the subject header)
Rating: Let's say PG-13. Alex is a foulmouth
Summary: Fairies and gremloblins and tourist traps, oh my!
The Story: beneath the cut!

but I knew you'd miss this place )
[ooc: prose or brackets are good, will match accordingly]
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Who: Stanley Pines [[personal profile] charlastan], Stanford Pines [[personal profile] mviw], and then Rick Sanchez [[personal profile] wriggedywrecked] once they get to the bar.
Where: Ford's Room, then the bar!
When: 2/1, evening.
Rating: PG-13? R? Who knows with Rick coming along.
Summary: The whole Pines family died and Ford's been a hermit ever since. Stan's been trying to get him out of his room to no avail, until he finally just suggests going to the bar like normal people.
The Story: Don't tell me I gotta force you! )


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