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come on, baby

Who: Dean Winchester ( & whoever wants a slice of this pie)
Outside. Hallways. Bar.
When: Feb. 20th
Rating: PG13 at least.
Summary: Dean discovers a different dimension.
The Story:

i. outside

It’s less than a blink of an eye. A split second where he’s not fully paying attention to life around him. That’s all it takes for it to vanish and leave him standing alone. He blinks. Once. Twice. Just to make sure that his brain isn’t flipping out on him. Again.

He’s pretty sure he’s not hallucinating, though. The handle of the Scythe still in his hands feels too solid. His grip tightens around it until splinters dig into his palms. No, this is definitely real.

For a second, he wonders if this is Death’s deal- But no. No, that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up. He wasn’t gonna kill Sam. He wouldn’t have been strong enough to do that and even if he had… why would Death send him packing with his Scythe? If this was his doing, Dean was pretty freaking sure he’d want his toy back first. So this had to be something different. Something that derailed them and snagged either just him, or all three of them, and dumped them somewhere else.

Where though? Only one way to find out.

With the Scythe lifted high, Dean sets out to figure out where he is, and if he was the only one that Stargated out of that restaurant.

ii. hallways

“What the hell….?”

It’s not so much the actual grandeur of the place that has him just barely gaping when he first walks into the mansion, but rather that he can’t wrap his brain around why he would end up here. It can’t be a good thing. Last time he got zapped into a place that was all gold and art, and fancy like this… it was the angelic dicks wanting him to sit pretty until Michael wanted him to bend over. This place doesn’t quite reek of their arrogance, but the unsettling feeling that something pulled him out of his life to screw him over can’t be shaken.

So he walks around as quietly as he can, hoping that he can get a better feel of the place before he runs into anyone. He’s damn good at stealth when he needs to be, but it’s not always easy to sneak in shadows and stay hidden when you’re carrying around a weapon the size of a small human.

iii. bar

He’s tired. That’s an understatement.

It had been a shitty-as-all-hell week even before he got beamed up. So much crap dumped on him all in such a few days (some of it even by his own hands) and Dean hadn’t had a moment to stop and let it sink in. And this BS happened. Desperate to get a moment to let all of this… Dean needs a drink. Simple as that, and he dumps the scythe into one of the empty rooms so he isn’t walking around looking like he’s here to freaking reap people. From that it’s a bee line to the bar. Thank God this place has a bar.

He walks in with his head down, not stopping until he can park his ass on one of the stools. He needs there to be no more than just the bottom of his glass tonight. “Gimme a shot. And a beer.”
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A drinking problem? Who, him? Pff, no way, Alex has been to the bar all of two times this week, and neither one was in an attempt to cope with something unbearable. He's in his twenties, technically this is legal, and even if it weren't Wonderland has no rules for this kind of thing, which is a big one for the plus column in his book, and he can do whatever he wants. Stop judging him.

On second thought, maybe he's been spending too much time here, because when Stubble McGrowsalot here waltzes in and orders something, Alex takes a moment to pause, contemplate, and looks carefully behind each shoulder to ensure he isn't addressing anyone else.

Nope. Lucky him. Is there something about him that just screams customer service, or something? He snorts and goes back to nursing his own drink. "I'm not your freakin' bartender, dude. Get your own."
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Alex rolls his eyes in an over-exaggerated get a load of this guy display, never mind that he has no room to be scornful, seeing as he's probably made the same mistake in the past and is currently brooding over whether or not he's going to attempt to kill a kid.

"Welcome to Wonderland, pal," he says, and drains whatever pungent alcoholic mixture is in his glass. "It's tough for everyone, okay?"
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"Got it in one," Alex says drolly, and sets his glass down with a sharp clink. "I take it you're pretty new here. You've got that new kid smell." He wrinkles his nose. "You know the one."

He's bullshitting, of course, but raising people's hackles happens to a talent of his. He leans against the counter with an exaggerated casual air. Never mind that this guy is clearly older than a college film student in his twenties, Alex is going to lord over him with his "I know what's up with this place and you totally don't" status for as long as he can.
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Hmm. Alex's eyes narrow subtly, though he doesn't say anything aloud. Dean, is it? The name's not familiar, unless - oh wait, hang on a second. Yeah, that's the same name as Car-guy's brother, right? He was here before.

Then again, apparently so was Alex, not that he can remember.

He slides his glass over the table with a dull scrape of glass over wood. Fill 'er up, Dean.

"Apparently people can come and go." He makes a vague wiggly hand gesture. "A couple people recognized me at first, even if I knew jack about them."
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"Mmmmm-hm." Alex nods drolly and starts sipping at his drink. Bright and burning. Good stuff. He's been contemplating killing a monstrous child today. You know, normal things a grown man should be doing.

He inclines his head faintly. "The million dollar question. Tell you what, you figure it out, you can let the rest of us know." His expression twists, annoyed. "This place doesn't like it when its people skedaddle without its permission."
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Keep those instincts fine-tuned, Winchester. You're talking to an apologetic killer. A well-intentioned apologetic killer, but yeah, you get the idea. Not that he'd ever admit it.

"More like - you just can't." Alex opens a hand. "Try going too far out from the mansion and you just end up wandering. Maybe dying."

He drains half his glass and pulls a face as it sears a fiery alcoholic trail down his throat. "We got a limit on deaths, by the by. The by. Don't know if you've heard."
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He holds up a hand, wiggles his fingers indicatively. "Five. Yours. After that, well, how should I say this? Something happens. Hell if I know what. It's bad, whatever it is."

He smirks mirthlessly, leans back in his seat.

"We get these little happenings every now and again. Sometimes it's a party with free food. Sometimes it's a monster in the woods. We just never know."
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"There's dangerous shit here, all right?" Alex shrugs, defensive. "We've had serial killers show up in the past." Apparently. Thank fuck he wasn't around to witness that firsthand.

Sixth death, though. He hasn't talked to anyone who's admitted to getting gutted that many times, though he can't deny that he's equally curious about it.

"Maybe. If I do, they haven't told me." He drums his fingers on the surface of the counter. "You could always try asking around, though. People here might recognize you, trust you at the outset."
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"Nope." That's an easy one, and it works on both counts. He remembers Sam (aka the guy who has a car, not that Alex is going to be mentioning that straight-up, oh no) mentioning a "Dean" and yadda yadda yadda, but he's not caught up enough on family drama to really care about that shit. "Never seen you before in my life."

Not that he remembers, anyway. He was here once before too, and it's kind of unsettling to be reminded of that here and again.
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"You got a problem with my face?" He raises an eyebrow, though it's far from an aggressive question. He doesn't have any reason to trust this guy at the outset, or any reason to lie, so he's playing it neutral so far. As neutral as someone like Alex can get, anyway.

"This place drives you up the freakin' wall, dude. That's all I'm saying." He leans back in his seat, stretches.
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Either this guy's perceptive or Alex's poker face needs work. Alex snorts as he stands up, deflecting.

"Yeah, I'm thinking of kicking some puppies after this. Running with scissors, burning down an orphanage."

He's gonna be taking care of a friend, that's all. "What's your point?"
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"Then I wouldn't play all your cards right off the bat, Guy. People might think you're hiding something."

What is this guy, a bloodhound? He looks like something of a bro, a little bit, which already inclines Alex to not really care if he's being all prematurely suspicious.

But he doesn't say any of that. Instead he raises a hand in a careless wave as he heads for the exit. "Toodles."