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( calendar post log ) Hold up...

Who: Everyone who wants to be in the Calendar
Where: Starting via text, will update
When: Weekend of the 12th/13th
Rating: PG-13ish - possibly higher ratings in a few threads

The Story: [ Saturday morning, everyone who volunteered... Or were volunteered and might not be aware of it yet... will get a text with times and a location of where things'll be starting/happening such as: ]

1st floor. Rooms 100 to 104.
Let me know if you wanna be inside or outside and a time.
Or just come on down when you're ready.

[ For those that Darcy personally volunteered, there'll be something special added to the text with a promise of something... Like booze or brownies or boozy brownies. Eh? One of the nice things about Wonderland is that the rooms can accommodate just about anything. Darcy nabbed a room with some basic photography supplies, as she's not the one doing most of the photos. She doesn't really need to do the whole fancy set up thing. But, the other rooms are empty so people should be able to think of a set-up and go from there. ]

[ OOC: Feel free to put up a top-level and tag around. Just throw up a warning if it treads into NSFW options. Also everyone who participates will find a calendar delivered to their door a few days after the shoots. ]
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Wow, feels good to be doing some actual setting-foot-outside-his-room for once. And some actual face-to-face interaction. You know what, it just feels good to not be holed up with nothing to distract him from but isolation and his own slinking paranoia. He set up a camera feed in his room, just like old times. It's still running now. If anyone's in or out in the meantime, he'll know about it.

Overkill? Maybe. But seeing as he literally died at the hands of a preteen, Alex is of the mind that he's entitled to a little overt suspicion.

He told Max he'd help with setting up, and so he's here. Like hell he's ending up in any kind of calendar front page. Not unless someone's interested in a whole month devoted to snow like a disconnected TV.

Maybe that can be December. Haha. Ha.

"Hey," he says once he locates Max. She seems kind of jumpy, but that could just be him. He hasn't seen her in a while. Not helped by the fact that he doesn't wave but just kind of ends up behind the chair she's sitting in, hands thrust into his pockets
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Of course the studio lights bother her. Of course they do, and she should have thought of it, what she went through isn't something you get over in a month or two, especially when you almost- holy shit- what the fuck Alex!

She was too deep in thought. She jerks in her seat, hand clutching at her heart, and shoots him a confused look. It becomes annoyed a moment later, but she's still too surprised to find the right words. Instead she lets out a huff.

Yeah, totally a good start to their first meeting after quite a few days. She probably should have brought him food more often, but Chloe's arrival had been a bit... distracting.
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Woah. Alex's hands go up in the universal "hold up I didn't mean anything by it" gesture when Max jumps like he was intentionally trying to scare her or something. Which he wasn't. But, yeah, like he was thinking - jumpy. Definitely jumpy. What's up with that?

"Shit," he says, eloquently, "uh, I mean, sorry about that. Didn't wanna scare you."

Looks like he already screwed that up, though. Nice one, Kralie.
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She rolls her eyes, but it's a very small gesture. It's probably really silly for her to get annoyed, considering that she actually asked him to show up, and she was the one moping around like she had full privacy. "...Okay, okay." She stands up and sighs.

"Uhh," she mutters, glancing around at all the studio stuff. She can't quite convince herself to work on all of it again. "So, hi. How've you been?"
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"Alive." So hey, he's got that going for him. And to be honest, that's way better than how he was doing a while ago. So, improvement?

"So you've been off the radar for a while." He looks at Max with a faint frown. It's not really accusing so much as just curious, and vaguely worried. "I could ask you the same thing."

Her skittish-ness isn't infectious, is it? He's already pretty paranoid and he doesn't need more of that kind of thing rubbing off on him.
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"Oh!" Yeah she has been pretty low-key. Texting here and there, but mostly staying in one room or another, watching movies, talking, listening to music. Hanging out with her best friend in the whole world... or worlds.

She can't help but grin sheepishly, one hand reaching up to hold the other arm's elbow. The annoyance from earlier is already gone, replaced with the cheerfulness and almost-high of just remembering that Chloe is alive, and in Wonderland.

"I've been... hella great. Over the moon."

Well, that's not as subtle as she'd have liked, but she's already said it so she just shrugs.
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Hella. Oh my god, who says hella anymore? And here he thought no one would be chucking around Californian lingo. Next he'll be hearing a "golly gee willikers" or an "aw shucks."

"Hella?" he repeats dryly because oh my god. "What, um. Should I ask?"

The last event was shit, so he's pretty sure this doesn't have anything to do with that.
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Max says hella, Alex. Deal with it. Actually it's Chloe's fault, but Max thinks it's cool or something, because Chloe is awesome.

And it actually did start with the event. Seeing that particular memory of Chloe, knowing that somewhere, in some time, Chloe survived... and not just survived, but was happy. Knowing that life had been good to her, that her father hadn't died, that she never felt the need to turn into that rebellious punk... In a way, it all gave Max this intense feeling that they had won somehow. That they'd beaten destiny.

That Chloe lived.

And then after that, seeing her Chloe, the one with the blue hair, actually alive and in the flesh and here right now, well. Over the moon is the right expression.

She can't wipe the dumb grin off her face. She actually hasn't told anyone- too busy just hanging out with her bestie. "My partner in crime showed up. In Wonderland."
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"Your, uh." Oh. She means a friend of hers. Okay. She seems really, really damn happy about that, which isn't necessarily something Alex understands but will play along with, mostly out of befuddlement. That hadn't been the answer he was expecting.

In fact, there's a lot going on that he isn't expecting. Like that prickle of - is that jealousy? Jealousy that she's got someone she knows here and he doesn't, or jealousy because she's pretty much the closest thing to a friend he's got here, and now that dynamic is all shot to hell? He doesn't dare examine that feeling at any length, so he shoves that all aside.

"Well, hey, that's not bad." Look, he's even smiling. Kinda. "Just show up, or...?"
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"She's here. We've been hanging out for a couple of days," she says, still smiling. That's what happens when you separate friends for months and convince them that one of them is dead. Then surprise! everything's okay, and they're inseparable for days.

Which... well. She really should have brought Alex some food. But she'll make that up to him sometime, after this funny platonic honeymoon period with Chloe comes to an end. Or before it ends, because it seriously might last a really long time.

She wants to say that he should meet Chloe sometime, but they probably wouldn't get along. Maybe? Does she even want to risk it? Whatever, if it happens then it happens.

"It's been fun, having her back."
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"Huh," says Alex. Fancy that. He's been observing new arrivals from a distance (always a distance, it's safer that way), but he doubts he'd recognize anyone Max knew right off the bat.

He contemplates making a shitty joke, something along the lines of "you're saying you think we should see other people," but that'd be in bad taste. And also kind of a dick move. He's not that bro-y.

So he shoots for casual, cocking half a grin. "You gonna introduce us?"
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God Alex, she would have no idea how to deal with any Oh am I a second rate friend now shit, don't even start. She actually still likes hanging out with him, so there's nothing to worry about there, anyway. In fact it doesn't even occur to her that there might be anything to worry about.

She tries not to hesitate before answering, but there is a slight pause. "Of course." And as she says it she realizes that she's not just worried about them getting along. She kind of wants to keep Chloe all to herself, too- which is a silly thought. Just wait for that honeymoon to end, and it won't be so weird. "I have no idea what you guys would talk about, though."
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"She not into film?" Because that pause is a liiiiiittle worrying, he's not gonna lie. He figured a friend of Max would be into the same kind of nerdy shit she'd be into, but maybe that's not the case. Is this one of those unlikely friendships things? Oh boy.

"I mean, it's cool if you think we wouldn't, uh." Click, jive, insert whatever euphemism for "befriend" here.

God, what is this being nice to people thing? He's really unused to this. Genuine friendship is so awkward.
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God how did this become so awkward

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"She is, but not..." She raises an eyebrow, daring him to make a big deal out of what she's about to say. "Hipster stuff." Meaning, in this case, old cult films with bad cinematography that somehow manage to become classics. Though admittedly Chloe can sort of hold her own there.

"Nah, it's totally a good idea. The worst that could happen is you never talk to each other ever again."

Actually the worst that could happen is they talk to each other everyday, get on Max's nerves, fall in love, and leave Max alone forever. Ahahaha. That's not gonna happen. She actually grins to herself at the thought.

That better not happen, Alex.
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i keep forgetting alex is really bad at actually keeping friends he has no idea what to do here

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Excellent. He can love the classics, but even more does he love the underground films, the unappreciated, the unloved movies that never got anywhere but totally should have. Of course, there's a fine line between that and total trash, but don't expect Alex to be the one to define it.

"Psh. Underdog films are great, what're you talking about?" He could wax poetic about the artistic merits of the The Room for minutes, sheer minutes.

Besides, he's already sharing a space with his murderer, so what's the worst that can happen?
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Wow that was a really weird thought she had just now, about Chloe leaving her alone because of Alex. It started out as a joke in her head, because it really is ridiculous, but it actually kind of made her worry. Funny.

"Well, maybe I'm selling her short." Max shrugs. "She really likes Blade Runner. Stuff like that. Not so much Plan 9, I think," she says, but then trails off.

Or. Or he could go all nuts on her. He's not exactly stable.

God, Max, stop worrying about Chloe, she thinks. She can handle herself. Better than you can.

She tries to pick up the conversation where she left off. "The static might be a problem, if we all go see a movie. How about like... stargazing on the roof? With s'mores and everything." She sounds completely unsure, because she has no idea if Alex would enjoy that.
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"Both masterpieces," he says airily. For wildly different reasons, maybe, but hey, you're gonna have a good time either way.

Right, the static thing. Goddamn, what a nuisance. Alex makes a face.

"Bring the alcohol, and I'm in." He might be developing a mild drinking issue. But life's rough here in Wonderland, and he's gotta do something to take the edge off. Murder apparently doesn't cut it.
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"Okay, cool." She pauses then brightens up, finally deciding on a good example. "Pulp Fiction. That's more her thing."

As for alcohol, Chloe would probably bring some whether or not anyone else would drink. Which Max won't, by the way.

She turns to the photo equipment, deciding on what to set up next, but another idea occurs to her. "Oh, maybe we can shoot off some fireworks too!"
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Boom. He even makes some fingerguns at that, because Pulp Fiction plus fireworks equals yes. The closets can give some of that stuff over, no charge, right? Totally. Shouldn't be a problem.

"I'm sold," Alex says with a shrug, before eyeing the surrounding equipment warily. "What's all this about a calendar, anyway? I don't think the organizer's wild about me helping out too much."

Mostly because he insulted her taste and called her an uninspired sell-out because he's a pretentious hipster. Making friends, the Kralie way.
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There he goes again with his fingerguns, which earns him a cheerful smile. It's nice to have made plans with him and Chloe, though she can't quite imagine the amount of snark and sarcasm that will be involved.

But fireworks, Pulp Fiction, and s'mores?

Hella yes.

"Huh." She'll have to check out the network later to see what exactly Alex and Darcy talked about, but she has a feeling it included a lot of snide remarks. It's not so important right now. "Darcy had this wicked idea to throw together some pictures and make a calendar, so." She gestures around. "Voila."

"Ready to set up?"
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She had the gall to say that his framing wasn't what she was looking for. That is travesty, clearly.

"Sure thing." This is some pretty fancy stuff, though he's a little disgruntled to note that it's pretty much all digital. Do people not know about the much more singular picture they could get with an older analog model? This is why he and Darcy clashed at the outset. Probably.

Still, if it's one thing they teach you in a film major, it's a base familiarity with all the equipment you're likely to encounter, so at least he knows the basics. He starts with setting up the lighting tech.

"Is this the PG shoot or the other one?" he asks with a frown.
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Max isn't enjoying the digital experience either, but she honestly thinks the calendar won't fly with a bunch of analog pictures. Darcy will probably want some editing done, and then compiling it all or adding whatever lame special effects for the really ridiculous ones, and... all that other... digital stuff.

She follows Alex over and starts adjusting some of the lights as well, once in a while testing them. She's glad for the chance to talk while they work, to keep her mind off things.

"Ew, really? I didn't even know there was an R-rated one."
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"Well, guess that means we're skipping out halfway through," Alex says faux-cheerfully. Which suits him just fine, honestly. It's not really a morals thing, or even a loyalty thing - Amy's not here to judge him, and he's pretty sure she'll never end up here in any case - but he's not one for shooting pin-ups, or whatever it is Darcy has planned.

"Or sooner." He wrinkles his nose. Yeah, not eager to sit through an X-rated calendar shoot. He's into art, not stuff that skirts the definition of. He crouches to tighten one of the lighting umbrella stands, which has a bolt that's slipping and throwing the balance off.
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"Not a fan of David Hamilton, Alex?" She grins at him, but honestly she's feeling awkward at the same time, wondering what he'll think about one of her photography idols. Talk about skirting the definition, for that particular artist, well, he's always been controversial.

She hides her awkwardness by staring intently at one of the flash guns and managing its settings. She doesn't plan to stick around that long either, especially because a lot of the photoshoot is being done in other rooms or outdoors anyway.
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"Look, there's a difference between artistic vision and straight-up porn, okay?" He waves one of his hands ineffectually, because he is a grown-ass man who's a little bit out of his depth and won't admit it. "Like, however people like to judge other people's stuff, you gotta give 'em one thing - Hamilton ended up in the history books, didn't he?"

Controversy: one of the great makers of fame. Alex wouldn't have minded something like that for himself, even if it was primarily through making people think, deep and introspective, the kind of deep, philosophical thoughts his work would totally inspire. Totally.

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