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[OPEN] most mutations are basically just cancer, morty

Who: Rick Sanchez and ALL
Where: Rick's chop shop in some slummy corner of Genosha.
When: Throughout the event (8/5-8/9)
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Rick is a technopathic mutant LIVING ON THE EDGE and he doesn't care about the rebellion but he'll gladly sell weapons and robots to both sides. Need an assassin bot to kill that high profile mutant? Call Rick. Need a computer program to wipe out the rebellion's communication network? Call Rick. Wanna just cause some mayhem? CALL RICK. War profiteering is fun!
The Story:

Rick doesn't give two shits about things like basic human (or mutant) rights and never has. He could care less about the human rebellion, and he literally cares even less about the mutant higher ups, because fuck authority. The best side to be on in any given war is no side at all--and yeah, this might be just a "rebellion" or a "resistance" to the media, but he knows a war when he sees one. If you don't pick a side, you can profit from both sides, and then when circumstances come around to force you to choose, you can usually just run. There's a whole lot of world out there outside Genosha, and Rick's lucky enough that his mutation will let him pass for regular old human out there with the rest of the angry humies.

Besides, anything that happens among the Genoshans isn't going to matter in the long run. The rest of the world has Sentinels, after all. This whole Genosha experiment isn't going to last much longer either way, especially once the rest of the world hears that mutants are oppressing humans over here.

So might as well make bank while the banking is good, right?

Rick can be found through a network of fences and drug dealers and thieves and other scummy sorts. You just have to know who to ask. He sells vacuum cleaners in a shitty part of town as a front, but the real business is in the basement, because all real businesses are in basements. Just bring money, an air-gapped computer, and a few passwords, and you might be able to get a face to face Rick, assuming he lets you past his SEVEN PROXIES.

Also just know that if you cross him, he can kill you with your own fucking toaster and probably has. He also has an army of robots at his disposal.

Don't fuck with The Rick or you gon get wrecked.
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eyoooo 8/5

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It doesn't matter if he's a mutant. Objectively, it does, fair enough, but he's got his fingers in an awful lot of pies. Worked real hard at making himself indispensable, as you do when you're playing both sides of this little war. It doesn't matter one way or another. Kralie has need of something, and he knows exactly where to go to get it.

Not that Rick would trust him as far as he could throw him. Fair enough. Kralie would put a bullet in his brain if he could, it's just that Rick makes himself that goddamn untouchable, so he works with it. He dings the little bell on the front test of the vacuum cleaner place, leaning up against the counter.

And then he dings it again, and again. C'mon, Rick. You've got someone who needs some quality explosives, stat.
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Rick is just one of those necessary evils Kralie will have to live with. He's tolerable on good days at least, even if "tolerable" is a long way from "likeable". He leans against the countertop, counting out bills with affected nonchalance.

"No Roombas," he says evenly, pausing as he tries to think of a reasonable and socially-acceptable substitute for I need some C4. He could probably get some from other sources, but there's a reason he's here. Rick's damn good at what he does, no question. Probably the best out there, even if he's a goddamn snake.

"You know where I could get some smoke detectors?" Yeah, it's not a vacuum-related buzzword, but it's not like Rick has any consistency when it comes to this shit.
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It chafes that he treats him like this, like he's lesser, but as insufferable as Rick is, he really is one of the few that can supply him with that which a human like him couldn't get his hands on otherwise.

Kralie obliges regardless, even if his perpetual glower just got perpetual-er. No matter how many times he cases the place, there's always something different about it, whether it's the clutter or the items on display or just the general layout of the place. He's hosted several private debates with himself regarding whether this is intentional on Rick's part or if he's simply that disorganized, and eventually came to the decision that it didn't really matter.

"What kind of payment are you looking for?" Make it all business and talk, nothing more. No time for pleasantries.
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It's not like Kralie's workspace is any cleaner. But that's not why he's judging. He's judging because Sanchez is mutant lowlife, and like all mutants he probably buys that propaganda claiming that humans are some kind of inferior, base species. It's disgusting.

He came here armed - he'd be a fool not to - but he doubts force will be necessary. It never is. Even if Sanchez's little Krails pet name.

"Semtex is fine," he says flatly. "For all his faults, he can admit one thing: he never dances around the point. He always cuts directly to the chase. He still has a fat wad of bills from his latest "caper," though it had gone considerably more...explosion-inducing than he would've liked. Hence his need for more of Sanchez's wares.
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Mayhem itself isn't what pulls Kralie's eye. It's simply the means to the end. The cause is the underlying factor here, though he doesn't feel the need to justify himself to Sanchez of all people. Their dealings are far from cordial. It's just business.

"Enough for a building about the size of one of those smaller places based in Havershaw Heights." He'd smile, but he does so rarely. As it is, the satisfaction is thick and readily evident in his tone. Tearing the mutant elites a new one, as is his prerogative. He doesn't need to outline the plan of attack explicitly. It's doubtful any anonymous tips will be called in anyhow. Sanchez's entire business would crumble in a heartbeat if such a thing could get traced back to him.
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Whether or not Sanchez approves is irrelevant, he reminds himself grouchily when he senses the barest flutter of satisfaction that he won't be facing any resistance or scrutiny or moral judgment on his dealer's part. Not that he would've expected it either way.

Kralie counts out the required bills and lays them in a thick wad on the table.

"This should cover it."
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"I appreciate it," he says, the words a dry pull as he hefts the box up in both hands. He'll had to step carefully, but he's already plotting his course back to his nominal "office" without much difficulty. He's had to do this enough times to know how it works, how to chart his way around law enforcement and those who might not be overly inclined to trust that his intentions are pure.

Largely because they are pure. Purely destructive, yes, but pure. One cannot argue that.

"As long as I don't owe you," he adds, because he wouldn't put it past Sanchez to expect a little extra for that extra. Granted, Sanchez is also the type to enjoy whatever chaos comes from that destruction, but Kralie has a policy about mutants. Perhaps you've heard of it.
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He shrugs. It's Sanchez's call, and if he's fine with it, Kralie has no reason to object.

"That'd be nice. I hadn't planned on this being a suicide bombing." That might've passed for a hint of a sense of humor, if you squint. Kralie's delivery is completely deadpan. "Or taking an unnecessary risk that would lead to the same outcome."
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That earns Sanchez a flat glare. Not that it'll do much to deter him. Nothing deters the little cockroach for long. They've all got reputations to uphold, and whatnot.

"You flatter me," Kralie drawls, unimpressed. "But no, I'll not be making that kind of attempt."

Yet, anyway.

He folds up the box, detonator and all, and tucks it under one arm as he starts heading out.

"Best of luck in your business endeavors."