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Who: River Tam and you!
Where: Throughout the mansion and gardens
When: Halloween event! 10/30-11/01
Rating: Probably no worse than PG, maaaybe PG-13 depending, if anything happens I'll update
Summary: River has a less horrible time of things coming down from the Neverland event.
The Story: 'cause i am not this body that imprisons me )
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Who: "Pidge Gunderson" and you
Where: Capital building, seedy underground resistance meeting places
When: Over the course of the event
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Pidge Gunderson is the IT guy in a Genoshan government building and absolutely a mutant. Sort of a weird guy, kind of a loner, but definitely not human. Look at all his powers! Also definitely not that missing human terrorist Katie Holt, I mean, she's a girl and a human, and Pidge is neither of those. Obviously.
The Story: when the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away )
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Who: Rick Sanchez and ALL
Where: Rick's chop shop in some slummy corner of Genosha.
When: Throughout the event (8/5-8/9)
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Rick is a technopathic mutant LIVING ON THE EDGE and he doesn't care about the rebellion but he'll gladly sell weapons and robots to both sides. Need an assassin bot to kill that high profile mutant? Call Rick. Need a computer program to wipe out the rebellion's communication network? Call Rick. Wanna just cause some mayhem? CALL RICK. War profiteering is fun!
The Story: you sell weapons to killers for money? )
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Who: klaus, you! + a few closed starters
Where: mansion + grounds
When: july fifth
Rating: will warn if necessary!
Summary: klaus is in wonderhell and he's not super happy about it
The Story: ❝people quake with fear because i have the power to make them afraid.❞ )


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