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Who: E V E R Y O N E
Where: The Queen of Hearts' Throne Room (Mirror Side's Ballroom)
When: Sept 3rd to Sept 10th
Rating: G to PG-13 (please label higher ratings, thank you!)
Summary: It's about time Mirror Side had its own party, instead of just making the Mirrors sneak over to Real Side for their parties every time! And don't forget to have a look at the Fourth Wall Master Post for event rules, puzzle clues, and more places to mingle!
The Story:

The Queen of Hearts' throne room is more inviting that it has ever been. Beginning on September 3rd, anyone passing by will notice a tunnel of red, white, and black balloons leading inside. Those who grow curious and investigate will not be punished, but instead rewarded - with a party.

As each guest enters, they will receive a mask from seemingly nowhere, and they are encouraged to leave their masks on during the party - for once, it does not matter who is Real and who is Not and who is a double and who is an original. There are only Guests and all are welcome.

There is plenty of food and drink for all to enjoy, and music is always playing. The party is very red and black, and lit by candle light. Each place is carefully set and there are lovely centerpieces featuring the only playing card that matters - the Queen of Hearts.

But hm? What is that on the back?
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late but here

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[Leonard isn't much of a party person and also not a dancer. Watching he can do and who could blame him for noticing her, since clearly that's just what she wants? It's entertaining for sure. She has personality, he can tell that much.

The VIP tape is what really intrigues him, because that definitely hasn't been there from the start. So he stands there, taking a look at the tape and a sip from whatever clear liquid he has in that glass with just a bit too much ice.]

Just how important are we talking here?
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better late than never

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[ oh and donna can most definitely get down on being watched thank you very much. she gives a look to her man, and he pulls the tape aside to let leonard pass through. ]

You tell me, since you're the Peeping Tom.

[ no really tell her all about it. donna scooches to the side of the sofa she's perched herself on. ]
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[Hands folded in front of him, Leonard walks past the man, now that he's gained access to the exclusive area. It's almost compulsive, if someone tells him he can't get into a place, he'll try. This hasn't really been a challenge, but he's not complaining.

Instead he just sits down and looks at her, resisting the urge to put his foot up on the sofa. He has some manners. Sometimes.]

Just wanted to see what it takes to be that important. Guess asking was enough.
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We'll see about that.

[ donna extends a hand. ]

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[He hesitates for a moment, but then decides to see it as a con and get into character, which results in him reaching out for Donna's hand easily enough.]


[If she's not using last names, he won't bother either.]

I've not seen you around before. I'd remember.
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Points on the board, Leonard. Yes you would.

[ she leans back after the greeting, and talks while looking out at the partygoers. ]

But that seems to be going around. Hell, I'm pretty sure I just blacked out and all this is a fever dream.
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So far? Your dreams are a lot nicer than mine.

[He sits down as if she's invited him to, crossing his legs as he leans back.]

I'm right then, you're new? Hope you stick it out.