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[closed] Oh sister when I come to knock on your door, don't turn away you'll create sorrow

Who: Leonard & Lisa Snart
Where: Lisa's Room
When: 2/2
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Time is an ocean but it ends at the shore
You may not see me tomorrow.
The Story:

This wasn't a pain he ever thought he'd feel. As unprepared as he was for living through everything that went wrong between Mick and him twice, now this. But he had to tell her. It wasn't his place to tell, but how could he let anyone else?

Leonard had tried and failed all her life to keep Lisa's heart from being broken.

Now he would have to fail at it once more. He didn't knock, he simply opened the door, but before he walked in further he still waited, barely inside.


His voice was free of the affectation laid on by his super-villain act. Just himself, the way she had known him from when she was little. Just waiting for her to let him in.
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It wasn't but seconds later that she stepped out of the bathroom hall in a black tank top and jeans, drying her wet hair with a towel. She smiled and dropped the towel over the back of a chair. "Checking up on me, Lenny? What if I'd been indecent in here with Cisco?" She was teasing, looking to get a rise out of him. Was anyone good enough for his baby sister?

She did glance around him, almost expecting Mick to be with him. When he wasn't, she tipped her head questioningly. She hadn't been too keen on thinking about how long he'd spent apart from her. She let her teasing front drop. "Lenny, what's up?"
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Lisa could imagine the look on poor Cisco's face. She also wondered whether Leo would even have to scare him off or if he'd just run on his own. Either way, Leonard was right in that they weren't anywhere near ready for that. She wasn't even really sure what they were, just yet, if he even wanted a 'them'. "So mean." She pouted slightly, but less dramatically than her usual.

"I'm a little old for the birds and the bees talk. And I think Mick already gave me that talk, right along with what he'd do to any bees that touched the bird." Humour was a defence mechanism that she wasn't ashamed of indulging.

She gestured for him to sit on the small couch off to the side. "I've got soup in the kitchenette." Okay, so magic food was a little weird for her. Even if the soup was still magic in origin, it just felt safer to heat it herself. "You hungry?"
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She's used to it. She'd actually be worried if he'd sat down like a normal house guest. She smiled at the quip, but didn't snark back. Instead, she slipped onto the couch, knees tucked under her, leaning back against the opposite arm rest.

Lisa would be lying if she said she wasn't actually a little worried about this conversation. Leonard was approaching her in a way that could only be described as delicate. None of his usual straight-to-the-point quirks. "Yeah." The fact that she was being somewhat reserved now gave away her nerves.
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It was almost so abrupt that the words didn't make sense to her ears. Her brain scrambled to put meaning to the words, but at the same time, it refused to accept what they meant, as a subconscious effort. But Lisa is stubborn, and no amount of psychological denial attempts her brain could toss at her would last long, but the struggle was plain on her face. Confusion knitted her brows before the gradual dawning of reality set in, taking her expression from pinched confusion to wide-eyed shock. By then, she almost looked like a child again.

"......what?" Her voice was quiet, lacking all its usual quirk and lustre. Her hands were clasped together in her lap, but her body felt suddenly like it was full of lead, heavy and cold. "That's... no. No." Her fingers tighten against eachother with such force, they tremble, white-knuckled. There was no way anyone got the drop on Lenny. He was too good. Plus, Mick wouldn't let them! She didn't know why her eyes were stinging until she had to blink rapidly to clear the gathering moisture from them.

"You're right here talking to me right now!" She reached out before she even realised what she was doing and grasped his jacket tight in one hand. Now, it was more than just her hands trembling. "This is bullshit, Lenny..." But her voice had lost strength and she was looking at him, begging him to tell her that wasn't what he meant. That she was overreacting.
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As soon as Leonard shifted, she was moving. When his arms moved around her, she fell against him, burying her face in his chest. She threw her arms around him, trembling, form shuddering with sobs that she tried to keep in. His apology broke her. It made it too real. Too painful. Try as she might, Lisa couldn't hold a strong front. Not now. She could take anything and everything in the world in stride... except this.

By now, Len's shirt would be damp with tears. To her credit, her barely controlled sobs were silent, apart from the occasional sniffle.

"...don't." She didn't want him to apologise. Like it was his fault. She knew he'd even feel guilty for dying, and her crying wasn't helping that any, she was sure. "Promise me," She bagan haltingly. "you won't leave. I'm not going back. Ever." Not that she had much of a choice, if Wonderland decided to cut her loose. But she wouldn't leave willingly.
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The stroking was calming, even if she wanted to fall apart, it kept her together. "You're okay knowing you're not in control? I won't accept it." She refused to let any magic pocket dimension tell her what she could and couldn't do. She wasn't raised to think that way. "We're no one's puppets." Lis insisted and sniffled, trying so hard to get herself under control. No one saw her cry. Lenny brought her up to be strong and she found out on her own that her tears only hurt Leo. She didn't need to be strong just for herself, but for Leonard.

"We'll fix it. We are here now and that's not just something. It's everything. We can... I don't know. We have to..." She swallowed thickly, a fresh torrent of tears spilling down her cheeks and into his shirt. Her hands balled into fists and she hugged him tighter as if letting loose now might just cause him to slip away from her.

"How...?" If one word ever sounded so broken... She lifted her head just enough to look up at him, hair falling all around her face. Vivid blue eyes were rimmed red, making them look even brighter.
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She'd never told him, but she'd always been grateful for his careful care of her hair. When she was young, the tangles pulled. Brushing her hair had been a chore. The fingers catching in her hair brought back memories, but it didn't make this any easier. She met his gaze and had to remind herself that he was still here. She needed to hold it together for him.

So, Lisa listened and she managed to hold back her tears, brushing at her eyes. Of course he would, she thought. "I thought Rip was a Time Master." She queried, a little bitterly. "And what, you had to do it? You were expendable because you're the criminal on the team?" Anger. Yep. But it wasn't aimed at Leonard.
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Lisa closed her eyes. She listened and she tried to picture it. She tried to see Mick putting himself in someone else's place. Whoever they were, they must've made an impression on the arsonist. He wasn't one to get so easily attached, especially at the expense of his own life. And of course, Leonard wouldn't let Mick get himself killed, because he was Leonard. Everyone thought he was such a terrible person. A criminal. Lisa knew better.

"It's not fair, Lenny." That was all she could manage. Because it wasn't. It was selfish of her. She didn't want to lose Mick either, but really, what more could she say? There was no way to fix it. It just wasn't fair. She lifted her shoulders close, insecurely. "What am I supposed to do without you...?"
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Leaning into the touch, she pouted when he cut off her protest. Jerk. He knew her too well. Still, he should know that she wouldn't be silenced that easily, either.

"Not actively needing you and knowing you're not there anymore is different." But his compliment defies the sorrow. Even with the tears in her eyes, a smile breaks across her lips, even if it is slightly bitter. "You're so full of shit." Despite the words, it's said endearingly.
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The smile seemed to settle more solidly. She collected herself, pulled back, out of his lap, but still stayed close enough to cling to him. She wasn't letting go just yet, dammit. Deal, Lenny.

"So, he's pissed." It wasn't a question. She knew Mick. And found out not I told was a very important distinction she picked up on. He wasn't just upset that Leonard was dead--had died to save him. Mick would be pissed that Lenny didn't tell him. "How'd he find out?" Which also explained why Leonard told her so quickly.
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Lisa looked away for a moment. She's sure Maya didn't mean to cause trouble, but she can also just hear that conversation. "Sounds like." She agreed. "She didn't mean it, Lenny."

But when he continued, she was suddenly more interested in what he said next. Usually it was Mick who fucked up. Getting out of control with fire, the burns, blowing the job. He'd done it a few times, but he and Leonard always made up once Mick was back under control. ""
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Lisa absorbed this information, feeling a little numb all over again. She hated when they fought. It wasn't entirely uncommon for them to disagree, but she rarely witnessed Lenny pull rank on him. The rest of that made her feel almost cold. Mick could be a loose canon, but he must have been severely hurting to turn on Lenny. She didn't know how they felt about the rest of the team, but obviously, if Leo ditched Mick, then he cared enough for those people to protect them.

"Len..." Her tone was soft, conveying an empathy that she really showed no one else. She pulled back and sat up on her knees, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Deal with it, Leonard. She hugged him tight for a moment. "He'll cool off. He's Mick." She settled down beside him again and leaned her shoulder against his. Subtle contact, but she needed it still. "Is he gonna be okay? Back in your time, I mean. If you don't go back for him, is he just stranded?" Because, if Rip thinks Mick's dead, he wouldn't know to go back for him. Some Time Master... Couldn't even see that Len would never kill Mick.
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"Yeah, well. That's hardly a fair point to make." Because of the people in the entire multi-verse that cared about Leonard most, right now, the last thing either of them wanted to hear was that he didn't make it. Because they could be angry with him, they could even be so enraged that they hated him, but a world without him, even if it was a world in which you were angry with him, wasn't one either of them wanted to go back to.

Hearing he wasn't going to be okay seemed to drive that numbing feeling even further home. Her family consisted of Leonard and Mick. This was all one huge nightmare. None of this could be real... "...I wish you two hadn't gone on this mission." She finally says, feeling him lean into her and then his arm was around her. She felt her world threatening to shatter again. "So he doesn't even know that...? Does he know what happens? You said he's before that, right?" She reached up to hold onto his arm, clinging again. It was very much reminiscent of how Lenny would comfort her after Lewis lost his temper with her. Leonard was the one who dies. Leonard was the one who fought with Mick, and here they were. Leonard was comforting her? She was still just the pain-in-the-ass baby sister.

"He'll be okay here. You both will." Lisa insisted, forcing a confidence into her voice that she didn't 100% feel at the moment. She would make sure they were both happy, even if she had to start playing interference between them until things calmed down. Until they remembered how to function. "We don't dwell on the past, we learn from it. So learn, Lenny." Her tone wasn't harsh, but it was strong. And when she looked up at him to hopefully meet his eyes, her blue gaze was equally adamant.
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The small rush of air that left her wasn't quite a laugh, but it wasn't really a sigh either. It was something somewhere in between. "You're not funny." She muttered weakly. Too soon, Lenny. Even so, it hadn't exactly been lost to her either. She made the same quips in times of turmoil. Her features had softened with the joke. "How about you not die ever again, okay?" Well, you know what she means, Leonard.

There was that cold feeling again. Mick was dangerous. Mick's always been dangerous, but never towards her. That warning seemed heavy. She just nodded, knowing better than to argue when Leonard was this serious. "We'll be able to help him if he does, right? I mean, you helped him before..."
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The assurance, even if it wasn't completely inspiring, did help. She seemed to relax even further when he said Mick didn't want him dead. Of course he didn't, this was Mick, after all. Even if he was broken. Mick and Len were forever, right? She'd believe that to her dying breath. Which worked in Leonard's favour, keeping her from questioning it further.

"I'm sorry." It was sincere and quiet. Telling her was the hardest thing he had to do and learning it was the hardest thing she'd ever have to do. She had no right to mope over it when it was Leonard who lost his life. He was the one who needed the comfort...

Lisa wrapped her arm around him and hugged him again, leaning her head against him. "I'm glad to see you too. And thank you for telling me. I'm so, so sorry, Lenny. I know that doesn't fix anything, but... I just... I am."

"I think all three of us really just need to hit the bar for a drink in the near future." Or thirty. Could you actually die of alcohol poisoning here?
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"That's a terrible joke." She muttered, emotionally drained. Right now, she could damn near fall asleep against him like she used to when she was little. The touch was familiar and soothing, Leonard was a safe presence--the safest presence she knew--and she was exhausted. So, if her eyes droop a little bit, forgive her.

To Lisa, they were always the prefect little family. They didn't need anyone else. They never had. Lisa, Len, and Mick were a very dynamic trio in and of themselves. But right now, they were so very broken. Mick, angry and hurt. Lisa, utterly gutted. And Leonard, watching the two people he cared about fall apart.

"Then we'll just have to catch up to him when we go."