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( semi-open ) Just one more thing before you leave...

Who: Darcy and CR
Where: All over the mansion
When: Backdated to before the event
Rating: PG-13 to be safe? IDK, will update as needed
Summary: Darcy's leaving at the end of the month after three long years and there are a few people that deserve a goodbye.

The Story:

[ Starters in comments, I can write up specific starters as requested, otherwise feel free to throw up a starter if you've got something in mind. Feel free to hit me up on plurk @ [ profile] riddlesinthedark or pm me if you'd like a starter :D ]
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[ It's not that often that someone knocks on Steve's door without first contacting him by phone, and so he glances up from the book he'd been reading even as Dodger barks in greeting. After shushing the dog, Steve stands from the couch and heads over to open the door.

When he sees it's Darcy, and that she's got a familiar jug in hand, he raises an eyebrow and smiles uncertainly at her. They'd talked about drinking together back during their anniversary movie night, but had put it off for another time.

What's the occasion, though? As far as Steve's aware, nothing too catastrophic has happened, and they'd weathered the event as best they could. ]

Everything okay?
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[ First from Thor to Darcy, then from Darcy to him. Steve also knows that he could get his own mead from the closets, but it definitely means more when it's being handed over for a gift, and when Darcy's kept Bucky in mind too. ]

Hey, thanks.

[ He reaches out to take it, half-turning to set the jug down on the closest flat surface in his room before he returns his attention to Darcy. She had tried to casually slip something in there about the lab, but he can't just ignore it. ]

You got rid of the lab? Kinda hard to miss that it's not actually spring right now. What brought this all on?

[ If she doesn't want to talk, Steve will back off, but as a friend it's his job to express some concern over her behavior. ]
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[ So there's still no love lost between Darcy and Fitz, then. It seems that a lot of people hold what happened with the mirrors against Fitz specifically, whereas Steve doesn't quite know how to feel about it himself. Fitz had been trying to do a good thing, and it had blown up in his face. Maybe he shouldn't have pushed Wonderland so hard, but could Steve really blame someone for getting sick of their situation here?

He isn't going to argue the point with Darcy, though. The lab had been in her care, and if she decided it was time to retire it, then that's her prerogative. It's within anyone else's power to remake it, if they want to. ]

That's fair. You've already got enough on your plate as it is.

[ Bruce and Tony have been gone a while now. Why pretend that they'll be back any time soon?

Steve opens the door a little wider. ]
Did you... wanna come in?
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[ there's a light rap from the alcove leading into the back.

but ray's head doesn't poke in immediately after as usual. he waits patiently for an answer, in nervous silence he doesn't know how to wear. nervousness means rambling and movement for ray palmer.

and yet here he stands, quiet and still. because for once he wants to be wrong.

he has to be.
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[ quiet and hesitant. ray moves inside but hovers by a chair, gesturing to it and waiting for the ok before folding himself into it carefully. he nearly books it back out-- second-guessing himself and feeling guilty for second-guessing darcy. but he needs to know. and if anything she needs to know the mirrors are lying about her,
at least to him.

Do you have a little time to talk over something? My mirror contacted me.
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[ he's not silent often. ray fills in-betweens with sound and movement and what he can muster of hope.

which makes the moments he does not fill a space loud. he doesn't fidget like normal, or smile and reassure her that they can figure this out. ray only breathes and watches her. he has two distinct thoughts which rage against each other within him, and now he must spend his energy keeping them at bay.

but he doesn't look away from darcy, or offer up an escape in the form of a smile. he doesn't reassure her that this is ok.


[ is that still who she is? or does the queen of hearts call her by something else? ]
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I don't think you're stupid.

[ which might be the real problem. since his arrival, ray hasn't really allowed darcy the room to fuck up. it's been darcy lewis: wonderland guru who taught him the abc's of this place and can do no real wrong.

darcy, whose opinion is number one over most everyone else when it comes to all things wonderland.

What was the question? That you didn't ask.
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( ever since elena showed up in wonderland, the coffee shop has been a great refuge for her. not only does she love coffee to a near alarming degree, there's just something about the vibe of it. many a night has seen elena curled up on one of its chairs, writing away on her journal or counseling a dear friend.

she loves this place. it embodies the best of wonderland, in her mind.

so she steps inside with a familiarity that's come rather naturally, smiling when she sees darcy is around, too. )

Hey! Can't sleep, either?
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( elena smiles her understanding.

before she became a vampire herself, she spent her time with people who didn't exactly have the most normal of schedules. she may be a morning person at heart, but she needs much less sleep than she used to. )
Do you need help with anything? I like to think I'm pretty good at multitasking.

( besides, she's benefitted from darcy's coffee shop more than most. she tries chipping in when she can. )
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( elena brightens somewhat at darcy's announcement. )

I can't imagine a marshmallow bar not being a hit with cocoa enthusiasts.

( she claims a seat somewhere nearby so that the conversation can continue, letting her chin drop into her hands as she appraises the coffee shop with new eyes. ) God, has it really been three years?
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( elena bites back a smile, but she can't help it -- the visual darcy paints of this bonfire is a little amusing.

said amusement dispels shortly after darcy sighs. elena looks around along with her, a thoughtful expression on her face. )
I would say it already became that long ago. When I first got here, people were already pointing me in this direction. It was cozy, and it had one of my favorite beverages in the world. As weird as the whole experience was, having a place like this was grounding.

( a coffee shop is ... so normal, even one as extraordinary as darcy's. people take for granted how important that is. )