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[CLOSED] We're painting the roses red, yes, painting the roses red!

Who: Mettaton, Sayaka and our special guests, the Playing Cards!
Where: The gardens
When: Backdated to September 17th
Rating: I’m going to assume PG unless something happens?
Summary: After a bit of hilarious back and forth, these two idols realized their special gifts from Wonderland go together. Now it’s time to attempt to puzzle out how to use them and see what happens.
The Story:

Mettaton gets out to the gardens after a small bit of time, his rather large plant passenger in tow weighing him down a bit in one arm. The other arm has a small bag filled with basic gardening supplies: gardening trowels, a small watering can filled with water, some mulch, some rose food, and two pairs of cute gardening gloves. The closet had been ever so accommodating when he had asked for tools to plant a rose bush, though once he realized what he had needed, he knew they needed to match. After some small back and forth over the, ah, aesthetics for such a thing, he finally was satisfied with what he received. Then, noticing that a little time had passed, he had packed up rather hurriedly to make sure he wouldn't keep Sayaka waiting.

He wanders out into the gardens, looking for the perfect spot of dirt to plant the bush in. When he finds a spot, semi-sequestered from the greater garden at large he waits, putting both the pot and the tools down on the ground next to him. He’s not sure if Sayaka is already here and he hasn't seen her yet, but if she isn't he knows she will be here soon and then, well. They’ll see what happens.
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[Not too long after Mettaton's arrival, Sayaka finally makes her way to the gardens. She glances around the flowers, looking for any sign of him. Luckily, since he's a star that stands out, she easily spots him with various gardening equipment. She still wishes that he got to plant his rosebush and she greatly appreciated that he was so kind as to match up their items. While trying to be careful not to spill any paint, she quickly walks over to where he was standing, waving her free arm.]

Hello Mettaton!!

[Talking to him over video was fun, but it was especially exciting whenever she got to see him face to face. She greets him with a cheery smile and holds up the bowl that she was keeping the paintbrush in.]

I'm sorry if I made you wait! But I'm here and I brought the paint.
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[Her smile grows wider from the sweet compliment and there's a hint of a blush growing on her cheeks.]

Aw, you are such a charmer!!

[Not only was she beaming just from seeing him, she was so delighted at the pretty patterns of the gardening tools now that she has a better look of them. Mettaton had such a good sense of style! Being like him had to be one of her life goals.]

They are so beautiful!! You did so good picking all of them out. I love the floral print of all of them. They have to be the most charming gardening tools I've ever seen.
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You're absolutely right! Just because we are busy, doesn't mean we still can't look cute. If anything, we should always strive to look our best.

[Being like Mettaton had to be one of her new life goals. There was no one more fabulous than him. With a giggle, she happily takes the second pair of gloves and begins to slip her hands inside them.]

Hmm, I was wondering about that myself!

[She kneels down to the dirt patch, placing the bowl with the paint besides her.]

Should we plant it and then paint it? Or should we paint it first? In my mind, it would make more sense to plant it first but... this is Wonderland.

[Where nothing really makes sense.]
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I completely forgot about them getting in trouble for painting it in the wrong order! Thank you for the reminder.

[She was seriously going to have to read the Alice in Wonderland novel to prepare her for any more events like these in the future.]


[Sayaka ponders to herself, thinking about what would be the best way to go about this.]

It's a tough decision and a gamble, but would you like to try painting it first? Since the cards got it wrong in the book, I wonder if it would make sense to do it in the order the queen liked?
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Oh, Dorian! I have met him before. While I don't talk to him very much, that's surprising he's that knowledgeable about Alice in Wonderland.

[She does recall that he was from an older time period, but she couldn't remember which time period he was from.]

Yeah! That's a good thought. It shouldn't be too hard to wash the paint off of plants.

[This girl is definitely the farthest thing from being a 'Super High School Level Gardener'. She needs to stick with singing for sure.]

I'll admit, I'm a little nervous to paint it but I don't mind giving it a try! Please feel free to correct me if you think I'm doing this wrong.

[Despite being a little unsure about painting the roses, she wanted to give it a try! Especially since Mettaton took the time to bring all the utensils, this was the least she could do.

Slowly, she takes the paint brush out of the bowl and begins to carefully paint it. Who knew that painting something could be so nerve racking? As she was painting it, she was still amazed that the paint on the brush was still wet even after a day. The power of Wonderland was truly mysterious.]
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Thank you Mettaton. Hearing your encouragement gives me strength!

[His words give her the encouragement that she needed. Even if it was just painting, she still couldn't help but feel nervous. But with Mettaton by her side, she felt as though she could do anything.

She narrows her eyes and continues to focus on fully covering the white rose with red paint. After a few moments, she's done and lets out a sigh of relief as she glances at Mettaton with a smile.]

Okay! They should be fully painted. Let's hope this works.