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゚✧[Private] And if you love me, love me

Who: Lisa Snart, Leonard Snart & Mick Rory
Where: Outside the Mansion
When: Jan 30th
Rating: PG-13 (Default)
Summary: Lisa arrives in Wonderland...
The Story:
She'd been abducted. She, Lisa freaking Snart, had just been abducted! The last thing she remembered was kissing Cisco goodbye and mounting the motorcycle. She'd been on her way home when, out of nowhere, some woman was standing in the middle of the road. Lisa veered and lost control. Leather and a helmet kept her from most injury, plus her ability to control the crash. She might be a little bruised, but it was better than bleeding. And then her helmet was ripped off and she was out in a flash...

Why, then, was she waking up in a garden, sore, but unbound? You don't just kidnap someone and toss them in the middle of a city with her weapon and freedom. Yes, she did still have her gun, and a test shot told her it still worked. She held it close and gave her immediate area a look around. She wasn't in Central City. Where the hell was this? Some old-timey city? She didn't see any power lines or cellphone towers. No cars or stop lights. There was a fancy mansion and a beach and an orchard and a... hedge maze? What was going on?

She stops in her trek, raising the gun carefully and listening to everything around her as best she could. "This isn't funny! I don't know who you are, but if you think you can abduct me and abandon me, you haven't met my family. If I don't find you before my brother does, you'll wish you hadn't messed with the Snart family!" She was slowly turning in her spot, keeping the gun aimed, expecting that woman to jump out at her again. "Too afraid to show yourself?" She smirked and shrugged a shoulder, curls swaying with the movement. "I don't blame you. Apologise and maybe I'll think about telling my brother not to ice you."

Lisa's posture gave off a confident air especially when coupled with her tone and smirk, but her grip on the Gold Gun was too tight. Her jaw was set a little too firm and her heart was pounding. Everything about this situation was wrong and she was spooked.
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"The Pilgrim." That explained the bruises - they did look familiar - and meant that he knew from when she was from. That still left him with a lot of explaining to do, but first things first. He nodded. "Yeah, she's dealt with. She ain't gonna hurt you, Lis."

Not that she asked for reassurance - of course - but he meant to give it. He meant to protect her, always, far better than he'd ever actually managed. "But this place is something else."

He nodded toward the house, already turning. "Come on. Mick's inside, we'll catch you up."
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Mick was a little late to this party but then, he wasn't as fine tuned as Leonard. One moment Leonard was talking with him, the next moment he was running off. Mick wasn't in any rush to run off to find out what was what, he'd only just raided the kitchen and he had an arm full of food he planned to stash away. None of which he felt like parting with.

By the time he heard Leonard coming back, he'd polished off the candy bar he'd been eating and the rest had been strategically fitted into all his pockets. See, this is why he picked coats with so many pockets. Always handy.

He frowned when he caught sight of who Leonard was with and for a moment, he really had no idea how to feel. It was an odd one. "So that's what all the noise in the hallway was?" Mick grunted fainted. "Hey, Lis."
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"It's free. Comes with a lot of catches though." There would have to be a lot of explaining. That could come first. Later on he could catch her up on other things on the pain he'd have wished she'd never have to feel and that he definitely didn't want to inflict, but it wasn't as if he could waltz it off on Mick or risk anyone else not keeping their mouth shut. Bad enough that it had happened with Mick already.

"She just got here. Gonna try to catch her up." He caught Mick's eyes, silently saying so much more. "About this place."

The rest could wait.
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"I'm always calling you noisy. You're always noisy." She was a great many things but she wasn't exactly nice and quiet. He liked it, meant she had fire in her. Mick approved.

"Trust me, you didn't miss out on much." He didn't want Lisa around for anything she'd missed. Not beating her brother into a pulp, not finding out Leonard was going to die and all the mess in between. The betrayal, the fuck ups, they weren't stuff that were fun to handle when people around them could get that hurt. It was still uneasy to a degree and Mick met Leonard's eyes, curious how he was going to handle this. Were they back to lying or were they going to be finally honest? Not right now, of course, but they'd have to tell her. "It's been boring."
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"Not a lot of fun," Leonard agreed, meeting Mick's eyes once more and hoping that his look conveyed enough. Later. They'd have to. He would have to. He didn't want to burden Mick with it, he didn't want to dump it all on Lisa at once, but he'd tell her. "I'm sure we'll have more now that you're here."

How to begin explaining this place? "You got any idea what a pocket dimension is, Lis?" It wasn't as if they hadn't extensively prepared her by watching all the relevant movies multiple times, even if Mick defaulted back to ninja movies more often than not. "This place isn't connected to our world's time stream."
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"Nah." Mick shrugged. Was he looking for a way out of this place? Fuck no. If he left, he got brainwashed, Leonard died and he got his ass kicked by some cocky asshole speedster. No thank you. "We may as well stick around." He didn't explain his thinking, he didn't feel like it and Mick was never exactly a man of many words, he usually expressed his emotions through grunts, growls and humming. Seemed to work most of the time.

Mick opened one of his candy bars and took a big bite out of it. It was not like he could tell Lisa why they had to stay, that was Leonard's job, but he didn't really plan on escaping. Not if he could help it. "We're good here. Free food. Ain't half bad."
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Great. About as helpful as expected. Leonard hoped that Lisa wouldn't ask too many questions about that, because he didn't want to drop everything on her at once. He'd have to deal with it - soon - but at least for right now, he wanted to grant her some reprieve. There was enough to wrap her mind around. "This place is complicated, Lis. But Mick's right, food's free. Most things are free."

Which was a bit of a bummer for someone like him, but that was beside the point. "You can pick a room. Your room can look however you want it to. For example Mick has chosen a fucking mess."
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"It's pretty good, it's nothing special but I can make a triple club sandwich with all the shit in the fridge and that's good enough for me." Mick smirked a little as he took a bite out of his candy bar. Mick would eat most food, even sugar free food. It was about the only thing keeping him happy these days.

Given all the shit he just found out, he needed free food.

"It isn't a mess, it's homey, like she said. Remember home? Looks pretty much the same." Any safe house Mick stayed at ended up the same. Crumbs everywhere, wrappers on every surface and clothes anywhere he could drop them. Some things never changed. "You got a problem with my room, Snart? You didn't have much of an issue with it yesterday." When they spent most of their day in it playing poker, sitting among the dirty shirts and pants.
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"Yeah, what can I say. Your company is very distracting." Also, spending time with Mick in an absolute mess was still better than not spending time with Mick, which might be a low bar to set, but that was how it worked right now. Still, if he couldn't convince him to tidy, he would just have to try to get him to his room instead. But that was a matter for later. Right now there was Lisa and that definitely took precedence.

"We're both on the second floor. I'm sure there's still a free room there, somewhere." If not, he was ready to move. He wasn't willing to live far away from his sister, given the circumstances.