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[ open ] no light, no light in your bright blue eyes

Who: Chloe Decker, Lucifer Morningstar, Seth Gecko, Richie Gecko + YOU
Where: Alexandria
When: Catch All for the event.
Rating: R // warnings: violence and character death
Summary: The idylic suburban dream life is shattered. Homes will burn, pillagers will pillage, zombies will... zomb.
The Story:

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He'll be back soon.

[Richie had gathered his own hefty surplus of weapons and ammo during his time in Wonderland. No doubt it was a rather intimidating collection when combined with his brother. He was sitting in one of the chairs, organizing their stash so that it would be easily accessible at a moments notice. Each pistol was lined up, each extra clip perfectly placed beside the next, everything seemed to be organized in three or four ways.

He puts down the gun he's been fiddling with, pushing himself to his feet.]

I assume you're Chloe? He said you'd be coming.
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[Richie returns the gesture, shaking her hand with a firm grip before he pulls his hand back, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose idly with one finger.]

How much?

[He's looking for honesty here, but he asks it pretty damn casually. He doesn't particularly care who knows about him around here, he just only really talks about it on a need to know basis. Easier that way.

He smirks slightly, though there's a bitterness to it.]

We're stuck in the homicidal version of a fucking Disney movie. [He means Wonderland in general.] There aren't any better circumstances around here.
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I find that really unlikely.

[He doesn't seem perturbed about it; he's just speaking the truth. She seemed nice at least, and she didn't seem to be lying, so maybe she just didn't think whatever she had heard to be that bad.

Or maybe Seth really hadn't told her that much, at all.

He shrugs his shoulders at her comment. Seth always seems to know the 'right' thing to say, or at least most of the time. Small talk isn't Richie's best skill.]

Not really. It's basically just an exercise in can you adapt fast enough to deal with its bullshit.
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[As she falls quiet, he realizes he's doing it again, that thing where he puts people off and makes them uncomfortable. It's not like he's trying to do it, but Wonderland has been on his ass for awhile now. Add that in to the fact that he doesn't know if this chick is gonna lose her shit if he happens to drop fang or not and it's a recipe for disaster.

But he knows Seth's friends with this woman, and Seth needed that kind of thing, so he was going to try a little harder than he normally would and hope it didn't bite him in the ass.]

Sorry, Wonderland sent my girl home a little while back. I'm kind of pissed at it.

[It's not the only reason for his prickly behavior, but it's a big part of it.]

Yeah, sure. I just wanna make sure it's easy to find what we need when shit gets switched into high gear.
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Don't worry about it.

[He doesn't want to spill his guts. He's talked about it as much as he was ever going to, and it hadn't exactly helped. She was still gone and she was still gonna die and there wasn't jack shit he could do about it.

He doesn't do well with being helpless. It hasn't really happened often before.]

Nothing we can do but keep going.

[It doesn't set him off, though. He just seems resigned to the whole thing. It's not acceptance, exactly, but they have bigger things to deal with. He's just shoving all his feelings under the rug.]

So, you're a cop?
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[His eyebrows rise in mild disbelief. This is why he asked what kinds of things Seth had told her, because what Seth had done and what he had done were both similar and not.

They lived by the same code, but Richie had slipped off the road a time or two, even if it wasn't of his own choosing. He played the rules a little looser.]

Seriously? [He reaches for one of the guns, starts to clean it.] You didn't exactly ping me as crooked.

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[The end of this event could not come sooner.

Lucifer has been through plenty since his arrival in Wonderland, but this might be the worst bit he's been through yet, which is saying something considering he's visited not one hell, but two due to Wonderland's shenanigans.

Fighting demons was nothing compared to watching the dead walk, watching them attempt to tear into the flesh of the living, to see fallen allies become mindless creatures. On top of it all, he'd been nerfed like the others among them with supernatural powers and abilities, which made him a liability instead of an asset.

It was quite possibly one of the worst things he'd experienced in his entire existence.]

You look tired. [His voice lacks any mirth that it usually carries.] You should rest.
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[Seth knew from talking to others that zombies were going to happen again. Likely sooner than later given how many worlds seem to have them, but at least they're not culebra. Which is his thought right until he saw how many of them there were.

Then he's just thankful for his own paranoia and the things he's stockpiled since his first event.

Now he's counting days. It's been three so far, and he's trying to remember how long the longest event he's been through was. Four days? Five? Certainly not longer than that. They can wait this out with what they have.

Just so long as Richie didn't get hungry and Chloe didn't keep rushing out to play hero. Damn cops!

So he's pacing the house, checking the windows and doors on circuit, watching out from the few small openings he has at the windows to see how bad things are outside. Pausing though at Lucifer's words as he comes through the room, glancing to the man and then to Chloe. Truth is he's been worrying so much, just glad to have them safe and in the house, that he hadn't notice how bad she looks. Until now.

Leaning against a door frame, pistol at his waist and one in his left hand.]

Chloe, we've got the house. Listen to the Prince of Darkness.

[No heat or rudeness to his words, just being Seth on the edge, and needling her as well. If he didn't, would he be okay?]
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You're not used to running ragged in the middle of a bloody zombie apocalypse, Detective.

[Her daughter might be a parasite, as all children were, but she was at least slightly self-sufficient. She didn't groan and try to eat her at every turn, nor did she bring a horde with her.

Trixie was also one little girl. They were three men.]
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Technically I'm parroting the mother.

[It was a smart ass comment, probably not helping their case in the least. Watching Chloe, not liking that she's fighting them, but he shifts, pushing away from the doorway and coming to where she stands.]

How about this. We'll eat and you go lay down. No one doubts you can do all of this, but that doesn't mean you have to.

[He glances at Lucifer and then back to Chloe.]

Let the people that give a shit help you.
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[She was always useful and always wanted. Thinking otherwise was absolutely ridiculous.]

Detective, you're sweating.

[For awhile now, Lucifer simply attributed it to the weather, or to the fact that she was tired and moving around, but making sandwiches shouldn't be all that labor intensive.

He moves closer, reaching out to touch any area of exposed skin, his palm cupping her throat.]

You're not just sweating, you're burning up. Are you sick?

[Surely, it's just that. If it were something else, he would have noticed, she would have told them, something.]
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[Anything that Seth is about to say stops then and there with Lucifer's words. Frowning, his brow furrowing as he leans against the counter, enough that he can try and see her face more closely.

Peering at her, his frown only growing more defined.]

Chloe, what the hell's going on?

[He really doesn't want to think about what it could be, what his brain is screaming but he can't accept. Sickness has to happen here just like everywhere else, right?]
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[Lucifer knows that something is terribly wrong the moment she pushes him away; there's not nearly enough spunk to it, enough life.

She was lying. Lucifer hated liars, though suddenly he very much wanted her to keep doing it until it was real, because this alternative simply wasn't acceptable. He feels like his entire chest has been torn open and scooped out, left in a pile on the floor.

Not her.

Under any other circumstance, he'd be parroting her words, giving her a hard time, attacking her with exasperation and a lack of understanding. No, he knows why she hid this from them, because she wasn't just sick, she was dying, and the entire thing was unthinkable.

She doesn't have it handled; this is the furthest thing from having it handled that he's ever seen.]


[It's all he says because it's his answer to everything. There has to be a way to fix this. Surely the event will end at any moment. Surely she'll be spared.]

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