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Who: E V E R Y O N E
Where: Everywhere that isn't one of the parties! Both Sides!
When: Sept 1st to Sept 10th
Rating: G to PG-13 (please label higher ratings, thank you!)
Summary: Wonderful parties are springing up all across Wonderland, but there are still plenty of other places to explore. This is a log for any new arrivals who want to experience different parts of Wonderland life, and any current guests not in the mood for a log or transmission of their own.

Please also see THE FOURTH WALL MASTER POST for rules, information, and all the fun parties you can visit!
The Story:

On the morning of September 1st, everyone in Wonderland, on both Real and Mirror Side, will awake to find one of four possible invitations has been shoved under their doors. The glass has been carefully removed from all mirrors, and everyone will be able to cross to and from Mirror Side with ease, without forcing any sort of swap. The Queen of Hearts' chambers, discovered in the previous event, will be mysteriously inaccessible, leading only to a tearoom.

Additionally, there will be many more Wonderland guests than usual, each of them with their own random invitation and network device (wired to make replies only). As the week goes on, as per the invitations, more and more parties will appear (and everyone is invited to all of them, whether they received an invitation or not). But who brought them here? Why are there so many parties? Who is responsible for all of this exactly?

It's anyone's guess, though if parties or riddles are not your style, then there is always plenty more to see...
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Leonard Snart / Captain Cold | The Flash / Legends of Tomorrow | ota

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[Parties aren't really his style, at least right now and without the right company. So instead Leonard tries to figure out what exactly is going on at this place. He is also trying to avoid his mirror, because even though so far he's only spotted him the few times he hasn't destroyed the mirror in his room quickly enough, he's not very eager to face him, learn more about him or even just come to terms with his existence.

This whole thing seems like a trap and he has no idea how exactly to avoid it, but sticking to the hallways and keeping an eye out for any potential threats and - perhaps worse - familiar faces seems like the way to go.

He can most likely be found sitting on the ground in the hallway, legs crossed in front of him. He's studying a blue print of a gun more often than not, but when he hears steps, voices or any other sign of someone approaching, he always looks up to pay attention.]
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[ he's walking through the corridors with a slow step, eyes travelling over every bit of surface that he can find and study. committing it all to memory, it's almost torturous to think he'll be pushed back to the mirror side if he doesn't think quickly and take advantage of what these parties seem to represent for himself. ]

[ spotting leonard snart against a wall, he finds the sight to be a bit odd. he's only ever seen "captain cold" around his real, and he's always smirky and smarmy and a little too cool with his blue steel for barry's mirror to particularly seek out his mirror. he doesn't know him as well as he should, but he always supposes there's an opportunity to fix every error, and this happens to be one of them. ]

[ barry's mirror doesn't dress as comfortably as his real. he's always looking a little smart, especially with a tailored blazer. he forgoes the slacks today, opting for dark jeans and converse shoes that may or may not warm some of the reals on this side of the looking glass to him. his hair's the same as his real's, but the way he carries himself is slightly different. ]

[ coming to a stop near snart, his hands are behind his back as he peers around. ]
Are you too cool for parties?
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[As Len looks up, he frowns. Something off, but it's really nothing much, nothing he couldn't attribute to a good night's sleep or any number of factors. It's not as if he knows Barry inside out, even if he's once looked at his Facebook page - fine, maybe more than once - and considers him to be his hero. Still not the reining expert, so he shrugs it off.]

Just more of a wallflower. What about you, Barry? Not your kind of music playing?
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The Beyonce stopped over an hour ago.

[ he shrugs his shoulders. if snart's checked barry's facebook page, he'd have to know that alongside gaga, beyonce's another favourite of his. one day his real will learn not to include a massive list of artists he likes on his profile. ]

[ that said, he may be barry's mirror, but he's not his complete opposite. maybe that's what's supposed to be most frightening, even though barry's learned some mirrors really do belong on a chessboard — there's no grey when it comes to some reals and their misfortunes. ]

[ approaching snart, he turns on his foot and leans against the wall. hands remaining in his pockets, he looks ahead of him, eyes trailing over the wall, before he peers down at his newly acquired friend. ]
Planning something?
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That is way off. he can't know for sure, nothing is ever for sure here, but he knows he has reason to be suspicious. Barry never makes him feel like that. What would a mirror of Barry be like?

Maybe he should have done more research into this instead of just avoiding mirrors as much as he could.

But it's too late for that right now, so he just folds up the plans he's been looking at and leans his head back to keep looking right at this Barry.]

Nah. So. How do you like this side?
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[ from what he's gleaned from his own observations, it isn't surprising leonard snart's a quick man. isn't he a robber of atms or something? it's hardly impressive, but anyone who takes kindly to barry allen when they're on the opposing side of the "war" is of interest to his mirror. ]

[ he shrugs his shoulders. ]
It's very colourful. [ which doesn't quite encapsulate just how much this barry wishes this was his permanent residence. the real side has so much more to offer than the mirror side, and he can't help but try and formulate a plan to steal it away from his real. ]

So who're you? You're not a B.F.F. That's kind of obvious.
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Sure. Or I'm just not stupid enough to confuse you for him, so I'm foregoing our customary cuddle session.

[Yes, the words 'cuddle session' did indeed just come out of his mouth. Stranger things have happened, but not frequently.

Len watches the man, wondering how far he could throw him and deciding that, no, he doesn't even trust him that far.]

I'm the nemesis. Just following a different career path right now.

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[ and what, pray tell, constitutes the right company?

m!iris happens to think she'd at the very least come close to ticking off most of the boxes. leonard may be avoiding his mirror, but he won't have much luck avoiding iris'. when she finds him working on some kind of blueprint, she can't resist poking the captain.

Doesn't all work and no play make Leonard a dull boy?
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I know how to mix work and pleasure.

[He does look up, ever so subtly folding up the plans he has indeed been working on to focus on Iris instead. He doesn't know her well enough to recognise that this isn't the Iris he's familiar with right of the bat, although it's certainly a little strange to have her so suddenly address him by first name. On the other hand, Barry thought calling him Lenny in front of his father was appropriate, might be a family trait.]

You're playing?
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[ m!iris doesn't seem too convinced.

at least, he doesn't look like he's doing a whole lot of mixing, but then, those who live on the real side don't know how good they really have it. they don't know.
] I'm considering it. The mirror side can get so boring. [ she has no reason to pretend she's the iris he's used to.

at least, not right now. not with him.
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No parties there?

[Mirror. Noted. He doesn't have much of a visible reaction to that revelation, simply pulling a leg up so he can lean his elbow against it, while steadily looking at her. His hand plays with the fabric of his shirt, rolling it between two fingers.]

Not sure what you're expecting, but so far this place hasn't exactly been a joyride.
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It's at least got a little more color to it.

[ it looks alive. m!iris would take the real side over the mirror side any day of the week. ] Besides, isn't Wonderland whatever you make of it? [ where fun is lacking, you make your own. ]
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Doesn't have an economy. Makes what I'd make of it a lot more difficult.

[Not that he hasn't had a few thoughts already, but that's another matter.]

So, life on the other side ain't your style?

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omg that icon

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ho ho ho

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[ in these halls, the real ray moves with a purpose that's more exploratory than goal-oriented. he exists in a near-perpetual childlike excitement at the prospect of exploration of every corner-- less out of a desire for escape than the simple of joy of experiencing.

the way this man's head doesn't turn from side to side at the people and things he passes marks him as very obviously not ray palmer. if he's like to anyone from ray's world, one might say that his calculated and crisp movements are more that of captain cold himself.

if captain cold's aesthetic was repressed businessman, anyway. if the mirror's movement wasn't enough to give away who he isn't, his pressed slacks and starched shirt would certainly do the trick. his hair smoothed back into a ken-doll shine, there is not a hair out of place.

That looks interesting.

[ ...ugh who let patrick bateman out to play? ]
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[It'd be a reflex even just to put away plans when actual Ray would appear, but this isn't actual Ray and what could Ray's mirror really be like?

Competent? Not annoying? Common sense? Smarts?

And already he is running out of positives, because for all of Ray's annoying attributes, Leonard can't dispute that he's a fundamentally, almost comically good person. Sickeningly sweet.

So there is instant distrust of his mirror as he folds up the plans and looks up at him, eyeing him from head to feet.]

Who took you out of the box to play? You know that you're worth nothing if it's not mint fresh?
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[ a glimmer of the template this copy was made from appears in the way he smiles, small and private but excited all the same. ]

Why, the queen, of course. Despite her capricious nature, she does sometimes allows us a kindness like this.

[ possibly. look, ray grey doesn't actually care. that he gets to play at all is what matters. and that he won't be mint for long. ]
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Anyone ever tell you that your hair looks good like this?

[He makes it appear as if he's forgotten to actually listen to what this version of Ray has to say, because the mess on his head is just too distracting.]

Because they were lying.
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[ ray grey's nostrils flare-- he'd bitten the bait of compliment, and the turnaround is unexpected. too vain and desperate for control, it's too often he doesn't remain flexible enough to avoid the cutting wit of someone fluid in their intelligence. ]

Hmph. Lying seems to be all anyone does these days, anyway.

[ it's ... such a poor comeback. maybe there's more ray in this monster than anyone wants to admit. ]
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True, true.

[Oh, he's seen those tell-tale signs of annoyance. He's observant and he also knows how Ray looks when he's annoyed, even if - of course - with him it's a lot more exaggerated. Bigger than life, ironically enough.

But for now he can look up at this version of Ray and smile as close to serenely as he can manage.]

You're really pretty.

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laters, baby

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[ That sort of requires someone to make sound when they move, which is really a huge problem if you happen to be an assassin. Even if that's meant to be a former assassin, in the retired variety.

Which is why, when Sara catches sight of him sprawled inconveniently in a hallway, she does her best to sneak up on him until she can drop down beside him and let him know she's here.

He's probably as dangerous to sneak up on as she'd be, but hey. She enjoys living dangerously. ]

What's this?

[ Aaaand she's plucking the blueprints out of his hand to peer at them intently, not really all that interested, but more curious about what has his focus so fully. ]
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[As soon as he notices her, his hand is inside his jacket and, yes, closed around a gun. But he stops short of drawing it and relaxes - marginally - when he actually recognises her.

Only marginally, because today is strange and he is never trusting, but right now even less so. She looks and acts like Sara, but that could mean a lot of things.]

Plans for my gun.

[The Cold gun, of course. He doesn't try to take the plans back, not the kind of game he'd consider fun. Instead he just watches her, wishing he could know.]

When did you get here?
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[personal profile] in_the_light 2016-09-09 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
'Bout twenty minutes ago.

[ The light answer is given in an almost-careless tone as she settles in comfortably at his side, shoulder leaning against his own as she peruses the blueprints with mild curiosity. She'd seen the move for the gun, but as he hasn't actually pulled it on her, she ignores it as if it hadn't happened at all.

Instead she just takes the successful sneak attack as a win. ]

Looks complicated. You break it or something?
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Just didn't bring it along.

[So she doesn't know. Not that he hadn't already suspected as much, but it's good to know where he's at. He's not about to tell her anything, but he looks at her and then away again, because there is pain that he's not supposed to feel and he can only suppress so much at the time.

Warmth of her body pressing against his and he just focuses on drawing another breath, looking at the plans for his gun as if they're absolutely fascinating.]

What do you think? Good choice, going down that rabbit hole?
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[personal profile] in_the_light 2016-09-14 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
What? You never go anywhere without that gun. I'm pretty sure you even sleep with the damn thing.

[ She shoots him a startled look as she hands the blueprints back over to him.

She scoffs slightly at the question. ]

That would involve it being a choice, but it doesn't seem so bad so far. Please tell me the caterpillar's here somewhere, it would make this so much more enjoyable.
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You spend a lot of time speculating on what I'm sleeping with?

[Bad innuendo is as good a distraction from this as anything, he figures. No, he can't discuss where he's left his gun, not with a Sara who can look at him without that knowledge in her eyes.]

I hear the caterpillar's around somewhere. Though it's hard to take the word of anyone who'd say that as fact.

Miss your wild college days?

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