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Who: Evelyn O'Connell ([personal profile] nascensibility) & Arthur Kirkland ([personal profile] knackered)
Where: Library, West Wing
When: (Backdated) July 4
Rating: PG (at worst)
Summary: After very roughshod introductions, someone wanders around to make amends and someone else turns her workspace into a battlefield of materials.

my talk and my name )
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Who: England ([personal profile] knackered) & YOU!
Where: the Halls & the Library
When: May 30th
Rating: PG or maybe PG-13 for language
Summary: England's arrival in Wonderland
The Story: Go ask Alice, I think she'll know. )
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Who:[ profile] sunneverset and [ profile] letztesmajor
Where the Major's locked room
When: 19/3/2010
Rating: BBFC 18? idek just as precaution
Summary: England misses tea time because America's sick, and he goes looking for the Major for answers. Never mess with the British and their tea.
the Story: It's gunpoint diplomacy, really )


Feb. 26th, 2010 09:16 pm
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Who: Everyone who wants to come!
Where The Ball Room
When: Saturday Night
Rating: PG? for some cursing
Summary: Haru has a Rave! Party on people while the music is loud~
the Story: What's going on the floor? Let's Dance! )
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Who: [ profile] idkmybfftony, [ profile] sunneverset, & [ profile] hi_blog
Where: First floor by the dining room/kitchen
When: Jan. 27th
Rating: T for violence?
Summary: Hibari does not forgive, nor does he forget. Time to bomb America.
The Story: Best served cold? Not when it's a bazooka. )
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Who: America and anyone who finds him. *coughGermanycough*
Where In the hallway of the 9th floor
When: Not too long after Lag's death here
Rating: PG-13 for America wangst.
Summary: America is still depress over flipping out and killing people. Lag dies. America is more depress because now he killed a child. America tries drinking to sort through his depress, like a good teenage boy who fails with negative emotions. Spoiler: It's not working so well.
the Story: Where has all the rum gone? )
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Who: Pretty much everyone directly involved with the disarming of the 'bombs' (if you are not sure please read this or ask).
Where The music room
When: Tonight, late evening
Rating: PG-13 for violence and creepy factor.
Summary: TERRORISTS. GUNS. SWINE FLU. BOMBS. All we'd need is gratuitous nudity and this would be the action movie flick of the season!
the Story: I'm sick of these motha fuckin' bombs in my motha fuckin' mansion! )


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