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Who: Hook, Mirror!Hook, Toby, Mirror!Toby, and YOU!
Where: Realside, Mirrorside
When: Throughout Ewaymas!
Rating: Probably PG-13, but I'll edit if it gets to be more.
Summary: Catch-all for various plans! Hook drinks some punch and has a good time, then finds himself in the Mirror World for the first time. Toby goes through the Rabbit hole. Mirror!Toby and Mirror!Hook wreak some real world havoc.
The Story:

[See inside the post for starters!]
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Who: Emma Swan, Jo Harvelle, Angelus, Lily Evans, Rebekah Mikaelson, Mirror!Emma, and anyone who wants to cross paths with any of them.
Where: Throughout the mansion, both Real and Mirror Side.
When: 12/12 until the end of the event.
Rating: R, for Angelus reasons.
Summary: Event catch-all! Will add things in as needed as the event progresses.
The Story:
Emma )

Jo )

Angelus )

Lily )

Rebekah )

Mirror!Emma )

Mirror!Jo )
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Who: Ariel & YOU
Where: The Pool
When: December 1st, midday
Summary: This isn't the ocean she was looking for! Actually it smells kind of chloriney....
The Story: Something smells fishy )
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Who: Everyone! Everybody is invited, but please check your grudges and weapons at the door.
Where: Jo's Bar.
When: 11/26, all day.
Rating: PG by default.
Summary: Mansion-wide day-before-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, as advertised in this network post!
The Story: Thankfully, Wonderland provides us with enough free food to feed everyone. )
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Who: The Luidaeg and YOU
Where: The beach (with a bonus thread in the woods for October Daye)
When: The 19th-21st
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: The Luidaeg's hallucinating and that's a terrible thing for everyone, especially her.
Warnings: Will contain mention/description of animal cruelty. Also violence. You will probably get into a bloody fight.
The Story: it's the slow fade of love )


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