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Jun. 5th, 2015 11:50 pm
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Who: Katherine Pierce + YOU
Where: Various locations
When: 06/05
Rating: PG
Summary: Katherine tries to take advantage of her freedom now that Klaus isn't around.

The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Angel & you!
Where: Fourth Floor: Room 010, then the diner.
When: Tuesday, 6/02 & Wednesday, 6/03.
Rating: PG probably. There will at least be discussion of monster guts.
Summary: With Angel’s soul back in place and Cordelia’s visions still painful in their persistence, it’s time to get the gang back together. Grand(-ish) opening of the Wonderland branch of Angel Investigations-- as well as a visit to the diner to find that something important is missing.
The Story: Being harassed by someone or something? We can help. )
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Who: House Tyrell & any visitors!
Where: 2nd Floor
When: 04/09 - 04/13
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The 2nd floor of the mansion is now proudly inhabited by those loyal to House Tyrell. This is a mingle log for House stuff and also for anyone who cares to pay them a visit. Come one, come all and bask in the glory that is the rose-filled hallway.

The Story: Careful, even the prettiest of roses have sharp thorns. )
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Who: Davina Claire + Kol Mikaelson
Where: Her Room
When: early hours of 2/10
Rating: R to be safe since... death and stuff
Summary: Someone decided to die right as someone else was coming back from being sent home. Guess who's not happy.

The Story: ...This is me sending out my satellite call )
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Who: Kol Mikalson, Niklaus Mikaelson and latter Davina Claire
Where: Somewhere around the hall that the Original ladies and Kol resides.
When: Feburary 9th
Rating: R - violence, foul mouths, and death.
Summary: Niklaus can piss off, basically.
The Story: All this static is poison )
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Who: KalebKol Mikaelson & Davina Claire
Where: Davina's room.
When: A few hours before the Ball thrown by Vanessa Ives.
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Kol doesn't take no for an answer, ever.
The Story: You think I'm a bad boy, you think I'm alright. )
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Who: Davina and Kol/Kaleb
Where: Davina's Room
When: Evening of 1/12 after this
Rating: PG-13? Possible talks of death, things, idk
Summary: Dealing with the whole no magic mess and avoiding the crap going on outside.

The Story:...Like the storm in the sky )
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Who: Davina Claire and Cami O'Connell
Where: 2nd Floor, Cami's Room
When: 12/30 after this
Rating: PG-13 for topics? Will update as needed
Summary: With the arrival of Kaleb, it's time for Davina and Cami to have a chat about the future.

The Story: ...The fire starters always get the burns )
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Who: Davina Claire & Mikael
Where: 3rd floor, Room 6382
When: Nov 22nd
Rating: R-ish/M for violence/death/blood
Summary: Davina is losing control of her powers and attempts to separate herself from people on the third floor. It fails. Horribly.

The Story:

...I asked my mother what will I be. )
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Who: Davina Claire AND YOU!
Where: All around Storybrooke
When: The duration of the event October 24-28
Rating: Probably up to R possibly for talks of death/blood/sacrifice
Summary: Teen witch going through the motions of the event... You know, normal stuff...

The Story:

In this cold reality I made this selfish war machine )
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Who: Davina Claire + YOU!!!! (Minus the thing closed to Rebekah Mikaelson)
Where: Closed - the garden, Open - the roof
When: October 13th afternoon into late evening
Rating: PG-13/R-ish - mentions of blood, death, general angsty angst - will update as needed.
Summary: Davina reviving in Wonderland and coping with things...
The Story:

For a little touch of heavenly light )


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