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Who: Replica Riku [livejournal.com profile] madeinoblivion and TOTALLY OPEN, FRIENDS AND RIVALS!
Where: The Beach
When: Morning, Day 1 of "Home is Where the Heart Is" Event.
Rating: G for GO!
Summary: No more penguins! Lets build rafts and race to Destiny Islands!
the Story: You've got a journey to make, there's your horizon to chase )
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Who: ALL MANHUNT PLAYERS (Rosters to be posted)
Team Bahamut - Captain Arland (Rep. Riku) [personal profile] madeinoblivion , Yuffie (KH) [profile] super_ninjagirl 
Team Leviathan - Captain Yuffie (FFVII) [profile] kleptoninjagirl 
Where: The woods behind the mansion
When: Saturday Night
Rating: PG. For hardcore.
Summary: It's game night for the mansion. Play some capture the flag in the dark! Bring your own flashlight! Announced in This Post.

Notes: This is A VERY LOOSE FORM LOG. Feel free to thread-clutter it up with several little episodic thingites. But be sure you comment on the first, to get placed on a team! Game 'start' will happen tomorrow at midnight, so...jump in quick to get teamed up!


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