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Who: Sora Skeith ([profile] lastbetrayal) & Okita ([profile] dudewheresmypig)
Where: Okita's room
When: After this thread
Rating: PG-13? Shit, I just put everything as PG-13 :\
Summary: Skeith is a douche.
The Story: 
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Who: Okita Souji [livejournal.com profile] dudewheresmypig and Fuyumine Naoto [livejournal.com profile] swordnscar
Where: Outside the mansion
When: Now-ish~
Rating: PG to PG-13 for friendly bonding-type violence :D
Summary: Souji finally found himself another kendo practitioner~ therefore he had to suggest a sparring match.

the Story: Samurai can be shonen retards too. )
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Who: Okita, Florian, Kaylee, Yuffie, and free to anyone else who wants to jump in! (posting order flexible. that is to say, go for it!)
Where: Outside on the grass~
When: Right after Souji called for volunteers.
Rating: G or PG for possible antisocial behavior (i.e. Yuffie stealing things |D)
Summary: A game of tag.
the Story: There was really nothing better for taking one's mind off unpleasant things than a game. )
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Who: Okita Souji [livejournal.com profile] dudewheresmypig, Kaylee Frye [livejournal.com profile] nothintheverse, and the Wizard Howl [livejournal.com profile] wicked_jenkins
Where: Somewhere in the woods
When: Immediately after the rabbit event
Rating: PG
Summary: Okita got himself lost following a dead friend: Kaylee goes to find him with Howl's help.
the Story: The woods were really rather peaceful. )
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Who: Okita Souji [livejournal.com profile] dudewheresmypig and Reno [livejournal.com profile] oreyaaa
Where: Outside the front entrance of the Mansion, on the lawn
When: After this
Rating: PG-13 (friendly violence, possible swearing~)
Summary: Souji and Reno are planning a bit of warrior bonding via beating one another up. I mean, uh, "sparring practice."
the Story: Two bokken at his side, in case Reno wanted to use one, Okita made it to the front entrance in record time. )
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Who: Shibuya Yuuri [livejournal.com profile] is_the_catcher  and Okita Souji [livejournal.com profile] dudewheresmypig 
Where: Bottom of a random stairwell. 8D 'Sup.
When: After this thread.
Rating: G. I hope. Okita-san is ttly innocent rly.
Summary: Yuuri has a second free from Wolfram and decides to give a newly-arrived historical figure a tour. Despite the fact that said historical figure sounds exactly like Wolfram and it wigs him out. Seiyuu jokes ftw.

The Story: Yuuri is a sucker for teasing and abuse, apparently. )


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