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Who: Luke Smith and Everyone
Where: Wherever there is joy to be ruined
When: 20/3 - 27/3
Rating: PG13 for eventual teenage hormones
Summary: Luke tries to beat the carnies at their own game, ages down into a coma, and has a little too much fun in Santana’s body no, not like that. Just your ordinary Wonderland week.
The Story: things that make us sentimental )
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Who: America, Brittany, Luke, Santana
Where: The diner
When: 16/01
Rating: ???
Summary: It's a group date. It's also a terrible idea, but see if that stops anyone.
The Story: but do stop me if you've heard this one )
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Who: Aramis and ANYONE
Where: A makeshift training room of sorts
When: Morning, January 16th
What: Aramis is training; the last few events have made it obvious he should stay sharp.
Rating: PG; will update if required

He'd discarded his doublet, chemise and boots on the floor near the far wall. Sword in one hand, dagger in the other, he moved through the room, cutting swathes through invisible enemies as he practiced various forms. He was focused on what he was doing; he might not notice a visitor immediately.
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Who: D'Artagnan, Luke and Clara
Where: Cellblock D or something idk
When: day two
Rating: M for Mature because all of us are v mature
Summary: zombie killins'
The Story: D'Artagnan really doesn't like it when the mansion changes. )


Sep. 28th, 2013 07:53 pm
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Who: Clara Oswald & Luke Smith & D'Artagnan & Ianto Jones
Where: Her room
When: Right now. No really.
Rating: No warnings or anything needed with these two
Summary: After a rough month or so in their friendship, Luke pays Clara a visit
The Story: Clara's never been any good with friends )
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Who: Clara Oswald, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Luke Smith, Martha Jones, Owen Harper (with a special appearace by Dr. Whale)
Where: Their secret hideout! In the City of Wonderland.
When: Over the course of the event (9/20 - 9/23)
Rating: R
Summary: All seems well at the hideout for this ragtag superhero group, but then a nasty encounter with a certain mad scientist villain turns them against each other. Can the heroes save the day?
The Story: and he's gotta be fresh from the fight )
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Who: Annie Edison ([personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor and [OPEN] (as well as Caroline Forbes [personal profile] disparage and James Potter [personal profile] pottershotter)
Where: around the mansion!
When: the whole event
Rating: M FOR MATURE (graphic violence I'd imagine, also tw: death)
Summary: Annie can totally handle this!! (She can't)
The Story: Well, at least it's not riddles? )
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Who: Luke Smith and Martha Jones
Where: Floor 8, room 42
When: Super super backdated to 18/06, the evening after the shadow event.
Rating: A totally appropriate PG, I'm sure.
Summary: Luke makes good on his promise to fill Martha in on his home life.
The Story: so the last time these kids had a conversation they both died )
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Who: Loki Gabriel, and you.
Where: Anywhere.
When: 31st - 2nd
Rating: A little language. Rated S for Silly?
Summary: Gabriel decides to test out the logistics of cartoon physics, with... mixed results. We can plot here, or feel free to just jump in. He's only likely to 'kill' douchebags.
The Story: Who said science had to be serious? Or hard... )
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Who: Doctor Whale and his victims test subjects or lab assistants
Where: Mainly his laboratory but probably other places too
When: During the science event
Rating: R more than likely
Summary: Doctor Whale doing science things and experimenting on people
The Story: Call on lightning storms )

[Ed | Vincent | River | Helen and Luke | Fear Gas (OTA) ; If I forgot you or want to make your own section, feel free to tag in anyway]
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Charlie knows she was slacking off. Well, "moping" was more accurate: after Dean and Sam mysteriously vanished, she wasn't in much of a mood to do anything. After all, it seemed like even they couldn't do anything about whatever had kidnapped everyone. So she'd done what any reasonable nerd would do: gotten her closet to give her all the video games she never had time to play, and holed up in her room.

By the end of the week, at least, she was sick and tired of her self-imposed isolation (and Mass Effect, gasp), and with Dean's return? Well, it was something, at least. So she'd finally printed out flyers and obtained some Blurays, which was a little weird after all the downloading she did back home.

By the end of it, the ballroom had been decked out with a four foot tall HD flatscreen and a lot of comfy chairs. Charlie felt a little proud and sheepish all at once; this whole thing wasn't just for her, it was about building a sense of community, helping people relax. And boy, did everyone need that after riddles and monster rampages.

[So, we had a four-way tie, so we're going to do two things now and two next month! The rest of the things on the list will come along after that. That said, the winners are:

Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man! So basically it'll be more like Movie...Afternoon and Evening, starting at 2pm with the more kid-friendly movies (this labelling is questionable) and running to about 10. There will be lots of chairs/couches and a nice big screen, plus drinks and snacks on tables. And popcorn. Lots of popcorn. If you think your character would volunteer to help move chairs and stuff down, feel free to assume they did!]

[so just hang tight until all six category threads are posted, then go wild.]
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Who: Clara Oswald & ? (Open to anyone and everyone!)
Where: Staircase, The Library, & The Gardens
When: an afternoon early in the week.
Rating: G/PG - don't see there being any need for warnings
Summary: Clara's curiosity and boredom leads to a lot of note taking and "experiments".
The Story: my life got flipped, turned upside down )
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Who: Someone and YOU [Open]
Where: All over Wonderland
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Summary: Someone has appeared to provide some hints
The Story: In a wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by )

[If you have ooc questions about this log or this NPC, please use the Q&A thread on this post to ask them. All are welcome to tag here!]


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