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Who: Loki Laufeyson and OPEN
Where: Mansion, Real Side
When: 10/31
Rating: PG
Summary: Loki is an Avenger for Halloween, and he is here for your candy.
The Story: Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright )
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Who: Loki and Billy Kaplan
Where: Billy's Room.
When: 9/14.
Rating: G for now.
Summary: Loki has not seen Billy in a while. He can guess at least one reason why.
The Story: but you don't completely hate me yet )
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Who: Loki and Teddy
Where: Outside Loki's Room
When: 2nd
Rating: Mature
Summary: Teddy's looking for Billy, Loki isn't helpful.
The Story: What it means for me to control you )
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Who: Billy Kaplan and YOU
Where: Everywhere
When: Duration of the event and beyond if required (August 28- Sept 2)
Rating: V for Violence
Summary: Wiccan has a mission and he will see it through by any means necessary.
The Story: Oh your mouth is poison )
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Who: Steve Rogers and YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: 08/28 - 09/02
Rating: R for lots of violence
Summary: Steve is not Steve anymore. Now he's only the Soldier. But he has a mission to complete and he doesn't fail.
The Story: it scares me half to death )
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Who: Thor Odinson and YOU! With a couple of starters for specific scenarios.
Where: "Abel Township", and the surrounding areas whenever he goes out on runs
When: Backdated to ~August 7th-10th
Summary: The difference between Asgardian life and most other forms of it in the multiverse is so vast that they call others mortal. But not today. (Catch-all for the Zombies Run event, and dealing with the aftermath from helping with the Core restoration/the appearance of his Mirror)
The Story: he can feel this body dying all around him, and that's without any plague )
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Who: Billy Kaplan ([personal profile] actualwizard) and Loki Laufeyson ([personal profile] possiblymad)
Where: Magic train room
When: Thursday August 13th, afternoon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Billy missed lessons, Loki doesn't know why
The Story: I'm just having trouble finding north. )


Jul. 23rd, 2015 10:36 pm
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Who: You guessed it. Loki, Mirror!Loki, and YOU.
Where: The Real Side, The Mirror Side
When: Backdated between the 18th and 22nd.
Rating: G for now.
Summary: Loki plays in the rips, before determinedly going to find his BFF on the Mirror Side. While he's gone, his Mirror self comes out to play.
The Story: insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Loki and Mirror!Loki + Open
Where: Both Real and Mirror sides
When: Duration of the event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Loki testing tears and Mirror!Loki on both sides of the glass.
The Story: To keep myself afloat )
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Who: Crowley, Bruce Banner, mirror!Banner and OPEN
Where: Crowley and m!Banner on the Real side, Bruce on the mirror side.
When: July 17th through the end of the event
Rating: PG13
Summary: Crowley avoids the rips, Bruce throws himself into studying them literally and Banner looks for places to focus his unending rage.
The Story:

(( ooc note: mirror!Banner is a melding of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, incredibly smart and incredibly destructive. If you want him to do any sort of damage to your character, let me know, otherwise I will assume that characters can get away from him if he gets violent. He can revert to Bruce, but it's not his default form. ))
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Who: Loki [[personal profile] possiblymad], Billy [[personal profile] actualwizard], and Loki [[personal profile] hashtagging]
Where: Loki's room
When: Last day of the event.
Rating: Rated M for violence/death?
Summary: Loki's... committing suicide? That is what you call it when you kill yourself, right? Even if 'yourself' is from another reality...? Multiple universes give me a headache sometimes...
The Story: 'cause I've grown tired of this body )
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Who: Billy Kaplan [personal profile] actualwizard, Sam Yao [personal profile] voiceinthedark, Teddy Altman [personal profile] hulk_ling, Loki Laufeyson [personal profile] possiblymad
Where: Their rooms
When: June 1st and 2nd
Rating: Probably nothing higher than PG-13
Summary: With Natasha gone Billy goes to check and make sure some other people are still here.
The Story: That won't break away or fall apart  )
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Who: Loki + pre-discussed
Where: Event areas
When: Duration of the event
Rating: M for reasons
Summary: Loki is feeling a little blue... literally. He hates the cold because it reminds him he isn't very Asgardian.
The Story: Better keep your head up )
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Who: Loki Laufeyson and OPEN.
Where: Outside or the Opera Auditorium
When: May 15-16
Rating: PG
Summary: Loki feels like someone is out to get him, aka, everything is normal. Taking his cellphone away, now that is a problem.
The Story: You're trembling to its tune / At the request of the moon )
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Who: Members of House Targaryen & visitors!
Where: First Floor
When: 04/09 - 04/13
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Summary: The first floor belongs to those of the noble House Targaryen, the dragons of red and black.  They have control of the kitchen, which may or may not be unfortunate for you... hint: it's unfortunate if you are a Baratheon or Lannister.

blood of old valyria )
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Who: Everyone!
Where: The Ballroom.
When: Evening, 03/21/2015
Rating: T-ish, will warn if anything gets out of hand.
Summary: It is Billy Kaplan's birthday, and Loki is intent on throwing him a party.
The Story: Everybody just have a good time )
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Who: Loki Laufeyson ([personal profile] possiblymad), Scott McCall ([personal profile] notmymccalling), Spike ([personal profile] formerlydangerous), and YOU
Where: Various
When: 18th through the duration of the event
Rating: Teen (Spike's language is the biggest warning)
Summary: Event catch-all.
The Story: But you seem to have done no better )

[OOC: Encounter them wherever you like and feel free to throw your own prompts at them.]
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Who: (1. Loki and Kol) + (2. Loki and Thor)
Where: (1. Gardens) + (2. Ttly invading Thor's personal space, kthnx.)
When: (1. Early March 12th) + (2. Backdated: March 2nd)
Rating: Teen
Summary: (1. Kol and Loki and magic things~) + (2. Thor wants to talk about Lil' Loki. Loki does not. B|)
The Story:
Loki and Kol )

Loki and Thor )
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When: ANYT-- Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23
Rating: An average PG-13? (Consider warning for explicit sexual or violent content in your thread's subject line)
For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. More information can be found here.

This log is an opportunity for your characters to describe the memory playing in their room, so that other characters might visit, and watch the scene unfold. To help browse the collection better, please include your character's name, and their room number in the subject line (e.g. Seta Souji - 100, 6th floor) of your top-level comment.

Rooms/Comments may be locked to certain people, or be available for all to see & visit. Log participation is completely and entirely voluntary.

Have fun!
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Who: Mean and Green Teddy Altman and You
Where: Around Wonderland, destroying Christmas anyway he can
When: December 12-14
Rating: PG-13 for language (Get ready to see some cursing)
Summary: Teddy tried the fruitcake (yes, he likes fruitcake, so sue him). Now, the generally jolly Teddy has turned into a literal Grinch - green and grumpy all over.

The Story:

Stink, Stank, Stunk )
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Who: Loki Laufeyson and Open
Where: Mansion, dining hall, garden, generally just out and about
When: 12/12
Rating: PG?
Summary: Loki done drank the Kool Aid. In other words, yes, your worst fears have been imagined: Loki's chipper and loveable.
The Story: Wonderland gave to meeee )
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Who: Steve Rogers and special guests! (semi-closed for pre-arranged threads)
Where: All around Wonderland
When: 12/12 - 12/14
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Someone didn't think twice before eating the fruitcake. Have a very grumpy, grinchy Steve Rogers.
The Story: we will walk our different ways )
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Who: Loki Laufeyson [[personal profile] possiblymad] and Billy Kaplan [[personal profile] actualwizard]
Where: The Roof
When: Dec 10th
Rating: PG-13? (Yes, this is my default rating.)
Summary: Loki's actually distressed over this Jabberwocky thing. He can't tell Thor, that'd ruin his image. His image is already ruined with Billy...
The Story: And it's a violent vertigo )
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Who: Thor Odinson Thaddeus "Thad" Godfrey and you
Where: Various
When: Vaaaarious
Rating: G-ish, will change if... it changes!
Summary: Event catch-all/open log
The Story: pardon my cheat sheet parentheses )
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Who: The Sons of Odin [[personal profile] possiblymad and [personal profile] reignbringer]
Where: Hallway outside room 6-66 and aforementioned room.
When: 10/14
Rating: Teen?
Summary: Loki is sick and tired of having a big blonde shadow that thinks Loki doesn't know it's there.
The Story: You can't keep reliving the past )
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Who: Mirror! Darcy Lewis, various, and you!
Where: All over the real side (and one closed on mirror side for real Darcy)
When: During Event from Weds (9/17) on
Rating: PG-13 - will update as needed
Summary: Catch-all for Mirror!Darcy on the real side

The Story:

When I hear a command, I obey. )


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