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Who: Annie Edison, Emma Swan, Donna Noble, Caroline Forbes, Bela Talbot, Kelly Bailey, and ANY OTHER LADY SUPERHERO WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE SQUAD! Also, any villains who may want to get their butts kicked. And Graham, so they can watch him through googly eye cameras
Where: The Lady Superhero Squad's hideout! And around Wonderland City.
When: the whole event!
Rating: R
Summary: You better believe these ladies can kick some serious evil ass.
The Story: First one, then the other. )
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Who: Kelly Bailey and Benny Lafitte
Where: Some hallway.
When: 9/7, midday
Rating: PG-13 for copious swearing and attempted murder? Maybe higher, we'll see.
Summary: Kelly goes looking for a victim.
The Story: We're the good guys! )


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