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Who: Rattrap & various persons
Where In front of his door, on Floor 8.
When: Near midnight, Christmas eve.
Rating: G (For once).
Summary: 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
the Story: Not a creature was stirring, save for the Mouse. )
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Who: Dinobot and Rattrap
Where Outside, in the forest.
When: Dec. 21, Sometime in the evening, before it gets too dark.
Rating: PG, because lol those two.
Summary: It's cold and stuff and Dinobot won't go inside. Because he's dumb. Rattrap haet Dinobot but he needs to talk to him about stuff and conveniently he's got some blankets to spare. So out he goes.
the Story: Of all the times for Dinobot to be... Dinobot. )
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Who: Dinobot 2.0 ([livejournal.com profile] upwind_of_you), future!Rattrap ([livejournal.com profile] vermin_downwind)
Where: The outdoor Maximal-tech containment cell.
When: One late night after the beast's capture.
Rating: PG
Summary: And so we welcome the approaching end.
the Story: Friendship is a funny thing. )
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Who: Depth Charge [[livejournal.com profile] crabcakesnomnom], Rattrap [[livejournal.com profile] vermin_downwind], and Dinobot [[livejournal.com profile] upwind_of_you]
Where: Outside.
When: 12/5/07
Rating: PG-13. Fighty time, fighty time.
Summary: With a containment cell complete, Depth Charge goes to take down Dinobot and drag him back. Time for big bad robot action.
the Story: big preds are my specialty )
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Who: Dinobot 2.0 ([livejournal.com profile] upwind_of_you, past!Alessa Gillespie ([livejournal.com profile] holy_heretic, future!Rattrap ([livejournal.com profile] vermin_downwind, future!Hiro [livejournal.com profile] timebending
Where: Outside the mansion, heading into the forest.
When: The night of December 2nd
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language.
Summary: After the feint comes the strike.
the Story: And the real game begins. )
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Who: Rattrap, Yotsuba, Demyx, uhh. Other people.
Where Demyx's room, Floor 9, Room 2.
When: December the earlyith, right after promising some sandwiches :9
Rating: PG, because it's Rattrap. v(._.)v
Summary: Yotsuba wanted to get something to eat :(, Demyx is craaaaazy protective, and Rattrap is just a helper.
the Story: So a rat rolls up to Room 2. )
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Who: Rattrap and Depthcharge
Where The Pool, Outside.
When: December 1, Pretty early on.
Rating: PG for the most part
Summary: So Hiro went and blew up time, the jerk. Rattrap and DC talk about how crappy the future is by the pool, because DC is too fat big to fit in the Mansion. Rattrap dislikes being outside.
the Story: It was cold and snowy, and therefore miserable. )


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