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Who: Flowey and anyone!
Where: All over them damn gardens || the library
When: 4/1-4/4
Rating: PG-13 for flowers screaming swear words at the sky, potential violence and all them good things
Summary: What? You've never seen a flower screeching unto the heavens before? Also it's a pretty damn normal day up in here.
The Story:

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Who: Flowey the Flower and Alphys
Where: Room 017
When: 3/14
Rating: It's not exactly Chara levels but there's definitely No Chill.
Summary: Flowey's long overdue a chat with an old friend.
The Story: ExpandLike I Understood )
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Who: Frisk and you, if you so desire
Where: All over the library
When: 3/10
Rating: PG, but I'll update if things get weird
Summary: After the arrival of more old friends, Frisk decides to do some research and gets way in over their head. What the heck is an entropy, anyway?
The Story: there's hope, there's a silver lining )
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Who: EVERYONE and all the stars in the sky
Where: Mostly on the grounds, though some have crashed through windows and walls.
When: 2/29 → 3/6
Rating: PG-13, label it if you're gonna go higher.
Summary: Shooting stars have fallen in Wonderland, and they're bringing with them glimmers of Wonderyears past! A catch all log for the fallen star holograms.
The Story: Never let it fade away. )
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Who: Flowey the Flower ([personal profile] buildmeup ), Chara ([personal profile] fulllifeconsequences), Frisk ([personal profile] determinedest ), and yeah you too I suppose.
Where: The Gardens, Room 0012, and- The Gardens! Just for something different!
When: It's still the 21st somewhere/Feb 22nd
Rating: PG-13 for dead bodies
Summary: If you don't bury a body within five minutes of going to a new place, you're doing it wrong. Also starring; making friends with dead friends. Making friends with less dead friends! And finding some resident meatshields!
The Story: Looks fishy, too )


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