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Who: Sam Winchester and YOU
Where: The bar
When: October 31st
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam is Halloween Event!drunk and says more that's honest than he has in the past year
The Story: the worst is just around the bend )
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Who: Wash and Epsilon
Where: Epsilon's room
When: Post-Hogwarts backthread
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Things happened that need some in depth discussion. Unfortunately these two are the worst at discussion.
The Story: Repressed does not even begin to cover it )
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Who: Epsilon and You
Where: All around Hogwarts
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Will add warnings as needed but most threads PG-13 due to language
Summary: Catchall for the event
The Story: Thought I had it under control. )
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Who: Epsilon [personal profile] memory_unlocked and you
Where: The bar
When: July 3rd.
Rating: Going with R for language
Summary: Obviously the first thing you do when you get a human body? Is go drink yourself into unconsciousness, yep.
The Story: The beginning of a new story )
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Who: Agent Carolina & Epsilon
Where: Room 024, fourth floor
When: 5/25
Rating: PG13 for Church's mouth
Summary: They've been in Wonderland for over a week now but it's going to require some more adjusting still. Basically they're just chilling in Carolina's room, maybe giving the closet a proper try, etc.
The Story: don't look into the light 'cause it could be too bright )


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