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Who: TEAM LEVI for the direct Titan attack
Where: The roof tops, the forest, and maybe inside of a titan's belly.
When: All event long
Rating: R, blood, gore, violence, maybe death and swearing
Summary: Shit is fucked.
The Story: We fight to see the distinction )
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Who:Bigby Wolf Max Wolfe and you
Where: All around Storybrooke
When: The duration of the event October 24-28
Rating: Let's go with Mature
Summary: Max is your friendly, neighborhood goofy Elementary School Gym Teacher. Really, he loves kids and he's one of the more popular teachers at the school. He's secretly involved with Mary Margaret and he's ready to let the world know, however, she's not interested just yet. He's struggling with his feelings and while he wants to wait for her to be ready, he's starting to wonder why she doesn't want others to know.
The Story:

Help me out when telling this fable )
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Who: Steve Rogers David Roberts and visitors
Where: Storybrooke, Maine
When: 10/24 - 10/28
Rating: R (warning for discussion of terminal illness/death)
Summary: When the kid who was always picking fights instead of leaving well enough alone grows into a man who no longer has the strength to fight even his own body, who comes to see him? (Replies will come from [personal profile] preserum.)
The Story: sits before us, shattered into ash )
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Who: Emma Swan & you!
Where: Throughout Storybrooke!
When: 10/24 - 10/28
Rating: PG by default, will update if necessary.
Summary: The best birthday present Emma could have asked for was going home. Surprise?
The Story: Home should be where the heart is, never were words so true; )
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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and Mary Margaret ([personal profile] cinnamonie)
Where: Bigby's Room (Second Floor, 207)
When: October 9th
Rating: PG
Summary: After a series of text messages, Mary Margaret comes by Bigby's room for a shoulder to cry on.
The Story:

I'll be love's suicide )
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Who: Mary Margaret Blanchard and anyone who is hungry!
Where: The Kitchen and the nearest large table.
When: August 19th, evening
Rating: PG
Summary: Mary Margaret offered to cook dinner for anyone who was hungry, but it's becoming a much larger ordeal than she originally expected.
The Story: wonderland family dinner )
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Who: Nico di Angelo & OPEN.
Where: Library to study, outdoors with his hellhound puppy, or seen sparring on the grounds with skeletal/undead opponents.
When: August 17th - 31st.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Nico's doing his best to actually be up and around, rather than actively avoiding the Wonderland residents; he'll be around during the rest of August either doing work in the library regarding the prophecy, doting on his dog, or keeping up with his abilities by sparring with skeletons he's summoned up to train him. (And previous in-person CR can come see his new undercut thanks to Derek.)
The Story: in the darkness before the dawn, leave a light on )
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Who: Class 2-2 (Abigail Hobbs, Alphonse Elric, Becky Rosen, Bela Talbot, Bucky Barnes, Carlos, Cecil, Damon Salvatore, George Lass, Integra Hellsing, Jojen Reed, Leonard McCoy, Mr. Gold, Phil Coulson, Regina Mills, Teddy Altman) and whoever comes to visit! (OTA)
Where: Class 2-2’s Fortune Telling Booth (Second floor, second classroom)
When: Japanese High School AU Event (Saturday through Wednesday)
Rating: PG/PG-13 depending on the sort of Fortune’s being told
Summary: Come get your palms read! Or Blue! Or any color you desire! The Fortune Tellers are ready to peer into the void and produce a glimpse of your future or a profound statement from a fortune cookie. Catch-all for the Fortune Telling Booth!
The Story:

I see a tall, dark stranger in your future )
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Who: Levi (Class 1-1: age 15) and you!
Where: The roof of the school, on campus, and at the festival
When: All event long
Rating: PG-13 for Levi's shitty mouth
Summary: Blood Orange gang member and class 1-1 delinquent decides to actually show up to school.
The Story: Let our voices run dry as we bellow! )
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Who: Regina Mills + A large chunk of her cast. (Mary Margaret, Robin, Mr. Gold, Emma Swan, Zelena (eventually, maybe.))
Where: Regina's room, Emma's room, Robin's room, Gold's room, Zelena's room and the eighth floor hallway.
When: June 19th + June 28th
Rating: PG, shouldn't get higher.
Summary: Multiple confrontations, seeking comfort, mission impossible. (Aka a catchall log for backdated post-hiatus shenanigans)
The Story: so no hard feelings )
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Who: Bigby and Mary Margaret
Where: In the Coffee Shop
When: Wednesday before the event (6/25)
Rating: PG and S for sobs
Summary: Mary Margaret remembers who she is and has to break the news to Bigby
The Story: It all comes crashing back down )
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Who: Emma Swan & Mary Margaret Blanchard
Where: Mary Margaret's room.
When: Late morning, 6/17.
Rating: PG
Summary: Emma's been holding onto the memory potion Hook brought with him. With Henry gone, there's only one person left to give it to.
The Story: Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had? )
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Who: Bigby Wolf Liddell and YOU
Where:A) In the halls of the Mansion, B)In the gardens, C)By the edge of the forest, D)Any setting you like
When: The Event
Rating: PG/PG-13 for possibly naked Bigby
Summary: Watch as Bigby wanders the grounds, constantly on the move. He is on the look out for family members in distress and doing his best to keep outsiders away. Come bump into him!
The Story:And he found himself cursed with family. )
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Who: Mary Margaret ([personal profile] cinnamonie), Peter Pan ([personal profile] boyhood), and Emma Swan ([personal profile] imnosavior).
Where: Mansion, eighth floor.
When: June 4th.
Rating: PG...? God only knows.
Summary: Mary Margaret keeps trying to adopt all of the needy children in Wonderland, including a certain demonic jungle brat. Good thing Emma still remembers him and is around to side eye her mother's bad life choices.
The Story:

we are family, get up everybody and sing! )
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Who: Regina Mills & Mary Margaret Blanchard
Where: The gardens
When: May 27th
Rating: G for greenie
Summary: A warning, a truth and a secret revealed. (Aka a follow up to this conversation)
The Story: and just like that they're gone )
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Who: Bigby Wolf and Mary Margaret
Where: The gardens where Bigby first arrived
When: June 1st, evening
Rating: PG, maybe some swearing depending on Bigby's mouth
Summary: Bigby finally finds Snow only it's not quite what he expected.
The Story:

The big bad wolf met a snow white girl... )
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who; stiles stilinski & mary margaret blanchard
where; room 623!
when; backdated to all hell (may tenth-ish)
rating; pg-13, to be safe??
summary; mary margaret comes to check up on stiles.

oh god, I miss her so much. )
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Who: Allison Argent, Mary Margaret, Annabeth Chase, and you!
Where: All around! Basically anywhere that they will need to go for said changes.
When: March 20th-27th
Rating: PG-13? Will Edit if necessary.
Summary: Event post so late I want to cry.
The Story: schedules below )
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Who: Anyone and everyone who wants to participate
Where: Literally every corner of the known universe
When: Again with the questions...


Here's what happens. If you want interaction with HARRY OR TOM, if you want to have a short thread with someone discovering a BODY or someone who is WOUNDED or generally just want some blood and guts it happens in here.

THAT BEING SAID if you want to write a log? Do it. I'm just trying to control the madness in one if that might be easier to manage. It also means the community isn't TOO flooded with bodies and boxes of chocolate so those wanting to bypass this event will have less to look at.

I mean, you can if you want but also feel free to make an independent post. Up to you.

Comment in with a header including date and place for whatever situation you're doing so we can just keep track. I'll do the same.

Questions, comments, plurk or aim or pm me. x
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Who: Allison Argent, Mary Margaret Blanchard and YOU
Where: All around the mansion
When: Weeping Angels Event!
Rating: PG-13ish to be safe?
Summary: Catch-all for the event! { Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd }
The Story: or your life might just pass you by )
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Who: Henry Mills and Mary Margaret Blanchard
Where: Henry's Room
When: A few days after the end of the Shadow plot
Summary: The two have a conversation they need but don't necessarily want.
The Story: ...especially when they're related )


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