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Who: Goss, Subby, and the Vongola Family
Where: The Vongola room
When: Early on in the film noir event
Rating: Uhh. PG? Maybe R later.
Summary: Goss wants to show the world that he's no ordinary snowflake.

The Story: Don Corleone, give me justice. )
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Who: Yamamoto ([livejournal.com profile] yakyuunosuta) and Ryohei ([livejournal.com profile] kyokugen_sun)
Where Outside!
When: Today, during the afternoon.
Rating: E for EXTREME
Summary: The two most extreme guardians hang out to play baseball.


Feb. 25th, 2010 07:45 pm
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Who: Yamamoto [[livejournal.com profile] yakyuunosuta] and Gokudera [[livejournal.com profile] hurricanebomber]
Where: Their room, 017, eighth floor
When: Immediately following America's post
Rating: PG-13? Gokudera swears a lot.
Summary: Gokudera freaks out about ghosts is kind of superstitious.
the Story: It actually is canon. )


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