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Who: Kobato [[livejournal.com profile] letmehealyou], Hiro [[livejournal.com profile] timebending], and Repliku [[livejournal.com profile] madeinoblivion]
Where The Kitchen!
When: April 2nd - whenever the hell they finish all that cake.
Rating: idk G/PG-ish?
Summary: Part two of Vexen's experiment involving Kobato is to have her bake fish-shaped cake for 297-ish people. Naturally she needs some help.
the Story: It's a piece of cake to make a fishy cake )
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Who: Hiro Nakamura and the QUEEN OF HEARTS
Where: Outside of Homunculus' room.
When: 12/7/07
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Hiro is ready to complete the plan. He goes to get Homunculus -- but he's about to have a bit of trouble.
the Story: this is a clear example of good vs. evil isn't it )
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Who: Hiro [[livejournal.com profile] timebending and Kobato [[livejournal.com profile] letmehealyou]
Where; Vexen and Saix's Room; Room 412 on the 4th floor
When: Monday, December 3rd.
Rating: PG?
Summary: I HAVE NO IDEA. Kobato receives a surprise guest during her stay at Vexen and Saix's room. ♥
The Story: I hope everyone's okay... )
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Who: Dinobot 2.0 ([livejournal.com profile] upwind_of_you, past!Alessa Gillespie ([livejournal.com profile] holy_heretic, future!Rattrap ([livejournal.com profile] vermin_downwind, future!Hiro [livejournal.com profile] timebending
Where: Outside the mansion, heading into the forest.
When: The night of December 2nd
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language.
Summary: After the feint comes the strike.
the Story: And the real game begins. )
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Who: Homunculus and Hiro
Where Homunculus' room
When: Just now
Rating: PG, maybe?
Summary: The follies of (Hiro's) youth requires the wisdom of (Homunculus') age.
the Story: Knock, if you please )
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Who: Misa Amane [[livejournal.com profile] misa_idol], Dinobot [[livejournal.com profile] upwind_of_you] and Hiro Nakamura [[livejournal.com profile] timebending]
Where: On the outskirts of the forest
When: During the time bending event
Rating: PG13 (just to be on the safe side)
Summary: Misa is confused about how some of her friends seem so different because of the event and goes out for a walk to take her mind off of it. She wanders too far and ends up running into someone she'd have been better off not meeting...
the Story: A model, a dinosaur and a time traveller enter a...forest? )


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