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Who: Ghost!Vexen and whoever makes the mistake of following him... and confronting him.
Where: The Manor of Sleep
When: 'Evening' of August 1st (stretching into August 2, technically), during the dream.
Rating: ... It has a ghost with a broken neck and possible lasting trauma to your character. What do you think?
Summary: You can't run forever.

Separate threads represent separate encounters (just apply MMO logic and say he respawns); this also doesn't necessarily have to be a fight (especially if you're counting on your character fleeing from him anyway) so much as a chance to interact and get merrily traumatized. Keep in mind that Ghost!Vexen will be around on the real Mansion tomorrow as well, this time to spook everyone else.

ALSO, a minor correction: even people who weren't drawn into the dream by Vexen may encounter him, and you can even encounter him with your party friend; hell, you can drag someone away from the creep, as long as you've worked it out beforehand with the mun involved.

Feel free to PM/IM if you've got any questions, as I'll be slow and scarce. o/

the Story: to watch it all unwind )
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Who: Vexen [[livejournal.com profile] cryopathic] and Saix [[livejournal.com profile] bloodluna].
Where: Saix's Room
When: July 28th, sometime in the late afternoon.
Rating: PG-13 at most?
Summary: In which Vexen discovers unpleasant complications.
the Story: that's what is expected, when you are infected )
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Who: Open to all in the Manor of Sleep.
When: July 25th, night-time.
Rating: PG-13 at most?
Summary: During the second night of the curse, what else might you find in the Mansion of Sleep?

note: the only real difference this holds from comment-log based entries is that you have the option of having your character attacked by an NPC ~*~*ghost*~*~ or logging with Reika. o/ Please indicate in your thread title if it's OPEN (anyone (living) can run into you), CLOSED, or CURSED (you want to be run into by a ~ghost~). Action log style or prose style it's all good. \o/
the Story: the last one kills )
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Where The ballroom courtroom
When: July 13th
Rating: Gonna call it PG-13 to be safe.
the Story: The scene of the crime )

[ooc: There will be two sections to this trial post - the main story and the audience interactions. Everyone can see and hear across the mirrors, so have fun with that! Cause some mischief if you desire, talk to that person sitting next to you, shout over at the mirrors, have fun! Feel free to Action-thread if you would prefer that to logging in 3rd Person, but either is acceptable. The main storyline will also be split into threads, that way if someone is not there immediately, players may continue to another section. The witness testimonials will be today, unless either witness would prefer it be moved to Tuesday's half. Any posts after this log are considered to be in-between the two days, during the recess. HAVE FUN GUYS]
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Who: Vexen and whoever sees fit to drop by.
Where Dance Studio 3
When: During the Tutu event, after class hours.
Rating: PG at most...?
Summary: Making up for missing classes, Vexen practices. (Feel free to start your own general practice threads; it's a big room.)
the Story: when you go down )
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Who: Vexen [[livejournal.com profile] cryopathic], Saix [[livejournal.com profile] bloodluna], Reika [[livejournal.com profile] subzeroes]
Where Vexen's Room, and then Vexen's brains dreams the Mansion of Sleep
When: Evening, sometime on June 17.
Rating: PG-13, will be updated as necessary.
Summary: Vexen's been having sleeping problems. Or more accurately... he's been having problems staying awake. Now it's time for Saix to try a slightly unorthodox solution... with slightly questionable results.
the Story: by the lives that I have loved and actions I have hated )
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Who: Arland [livejournal.com profile] madeinoblivion and Vexen [livejournal.com profile] cryopathic
Where: Pastel Destiny Island
When: Morning after rage event, a few hours after sunrise.
Rating: PG-13? Because they're probably in swearing moods.
Summary: The replica really wasn't expecting other escapist company, and especially not his creator.
the Story: Once Upon This Time-Out Chair Island... )
And now he slept in the warming sand, unaware of a visitor approaching his memory haven.
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Who: Mia Fey and Vexen
Where: Library and then the grounds
When: midday?
Rating: uh.. let's go with PG for now
Summary: Mia wants answers about the mansion. Hopefully Vexen has them. 
the Story: Time for some answers. )
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia, [livejournal.com profile] bloodluna/
Where In front of the Mansion, then the beach.
When: Morning, February 23
Rating: PG for penguins
Summary: In the name of research, Vexen drags Saix off somewhere the mirrors can't overhear. This should go well.
the Story: let's go somewhere they might discover us )
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Who: Her Royal Highness the Queen of Hearts [livejournal.com profile] onlyredroses, Mirror!Saix [livejournal.com profile] pacifydivine, and Mirror!Vexen [livejournal.com profile] crazyscience
Where The Queen's chambers, mirrorside.
When: After Mirror!Saix returns to the mirrorside.
Rating: G
Summary: He had broken their laws, or as close as they had to them, and now it was time to face the consequences.
the Story: And so I face the final curtain. )
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Who: Vexen [[livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia] and whoever's up to finding his totally dead body.
Where: The Library, on its lower floor.
When: Thursday, January 30. Midafternoon.
Rating: R but that's just for 'WHOOPS BLOOD', because I'm pretty damn sure no one's interested in making the horizontal tango with Vexen's body. That said, feel free to interact among, yourselves?
Summary: In a library full of any book you could imagine, there's something quite out of place. Who's the culprit?
the Story: One wonders why the scientist has been so quiet on the network. )
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Who: All residents of the Mansion.
Where The English Room
When: During the Mad Mod event.
Rating: PG. \o/
Summary: Today the Mansion's turned into a most unusual sort of learning environment. Can you survive the perils of Education, now with its own unique Mansion flavor? [Note that while your character can only be in one of the classrooms to start with, they can sure as hell escape... only to land into another. Feel free to interact with one another. \o/ Hey, you might even rescue your poor friends!]
the Story: A, B, C, D. )
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Who: Saix ([livejournal.com profile] bloodluna) and Vexen ([livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia)
Where The clinic
When: Shortly after this exchange.
Rating: G. Maybe PG if someone gets annoyed.
Summary: When you've been cut up by the insane mirror version of someone, and then stitched back up again afterwards, removing all of those stitches when the time comes is not a job to be performed alone.
the Story: All my stitches itch, my prescription's low )
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Who: All the residents of the Mansion. ♥
Where Outside the Mansion
When: During the entire duration of the Halloween Event.
Rating: G-PG. ♥
Summary: Tripped too many traps already? Don't worry, you're not the only one. At least you can join the fun~ ♥
the Story: So you got thrown out too, huh? )
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Who: Replica Riku [livejournal.com profile] madeinoblivion and Vexen [livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia
Where: Outside Vexen's room
When: Several hours following this post
Rating: G. All not-rly Father-Son chat, here.
Saix has left something on your doorstep. He wants you to discipline it.

The Story:
A package? A Replica? I wonder who could have sent it? )
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Who: Kite ([livejournal.com profile] azureflamegod), Mirror!Vexen ([livejournal.com profile] crazyscience) & Saix ([livejournal.com profile] bloodluna)
Where: M!Vexen's lab of mandess
When: After Kite gets back from the mirrors
Summary: Kite is pissed because M!Vexen is a douche. Saix also kinda needs rescuing. Action tags will be used because we're just that crazy.
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Who: Vexen [livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia and Mirror!Saix [[livejournal.com profile] pacifydivine]
Where Mirrorside.
When: Simultaneously with the events of this post.
Rating: R-13 for slight gore, I guess~
Summary: Vexen, in a minor crisis on the other side of the mirrors, is just in time to see Saix run into one of his own-- but the berserker's mirror think's otherwise. Comment tags.
the Story: who makes me feel like shit )
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Who: Kobato ([livejournal.com profile] letmehealyou), Mirror!Eiko ([livejournal.com profile] dischordiant), Mirror!Saix ([livejournal.com profile] bloodluna - no mirror LJ), Vexen ([livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia)
Where In the Mansion's Mirrorside, on the first floor.
When: On the first day of the event.
Rating: PG-13 to be certain; you don't know what nasty little mirrors can do~
Summary: Kobato shouldn't be so trusting.
the Story: i am an agent of chaos )
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Who: Yotsuba Koiwai and whoever decides to join her.
Where: Outside of the mansion in the rain.
When: Anytime. Preferably during the day because her Daddy always told her never to go out when it's dark. :c
Rating: G. Preferably because this little girl is protected by waaaay too many big brothers (and a Daddy) that will pummel you if you try to corrupt this little one. :|
Summary: Yotsuba likes the rain. She likes watching it. She likes splashing in puddles and her favorite pass time is running around in it while it happens.
the Story: and she loves the rain )
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Who: Death, open to all~
Where: The dining room of unmeasured proportions
When: Christmas night
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Christmas! Death's holiday work is done, and it's time for a little relaxing on his part, but not before he throws one last party!
the Story: 
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Who: Death, Vexen, the "elves"
Where: Vexen's room
When: December 18 at One, Two, and Three AM
Rating: More PG. Same excuses.
Summary: Vexen's being a little Scrooge this holiday season. Looks like it's up to Death and the elves to bring some holiday cheer! Or at least try to.
the Story: 
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Who: Vexen [[livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia] and Saix [[livejournal.com profile] falltheseventh]
Where The Fourth Floor, Room 412
When: Sometime during the deaf/blind/mute event.
Rating: Currently somewhere around PG-13, but that may well change.
Summary: They say when one sense is lost, the others compensate for it.
the Story: We have no mouths to speak words of love, and no ears to hear-- but we have the hearts to hold them, hands to spell them loud and clear. )
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Who: Vexen [[livejournal.com profile] cyrophilia] and Homunculus [[livejournal.com profile] fragiletime
Where Room 004, First Floor
When: September 18th
Rating: PG
Summary: Inquiring minds want to know.
the Story: Let us say that x is the mansion, and that f is a constant for the speed of light... )


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