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Where: Throughout the Mansion
When: June 1st - 3rd
Rating: Likely M by some point.
Summary: A catch-all post for party games and other drunken group shenanigans during the BIOTA event.
The Story: You sunk my battleshot! )
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Who: Santana, and anyone else your little heart desires.
Where: Everywherrrrre, muhahaha!
When: ...Thursday, I guess. It can go on as long as you want, baby.
Rating: R/nc17 for language. Don't blame ME, blame the magazine.
Summary: Santana's bored, so she's leaving Cosmo magazines around for everyone to find. Check out the sex tips!
The Story: even if this didn't call for a cut I would give it one because dear god the language! )
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Who: Philip, Dean Winchester, and all the Wonderland residents ever
Where: Fifth floor, Room five
Rating: PG for suggestive themes and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the presence of minors.
Summary: Desperate times call for desperate measures. "Desperate measures" meaning ...
The Story:

Business in the front, party in the...well, I guess it's a party all over, huh? )
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Who: The Glee Club - Anyone's welcome to join in. They're always recruiting.
Where: The Music Room on the first floor
When: Tuesday, March 15th
Rating: PG? PG-13?
Summary: Kurt is finally running Glee club! There's no theme this week, so come and sing whatever your heart desires.
The Story: Finally, god what took you so long. )
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Who: Coach Beiste and ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PLAY
Where: The Checkerboard Fields turned Titans Football Field
When: Saturday Afternoon
Rating: Possibly PG for slight violence?
Summary: Finally the day has come
The Story: for football. )
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Who: Buck and his intrepid band of adventurers
Where: The ocean and, eventually, the mysterious fantasy Gilligan's Lost island
When: Friday morning through Friday afternoon
Rating: PG to R for language?
Summary: Buck wants to sail away on the virgin sea and even if he has to take like five boats towed together to bring everybody with him, he is willing to do that because he is a gotdang hero. Also they find the island. (I will post threads for sections of the trip.)
The Story: something something something to caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarry on )
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Who: The reapers and their charges
Where: All over the mansion
When: Feb. 3rd-6th
Rating: G to R (depending on things)
Summary: Everyone has to get reaped sometime...(Feel free to post your own thing to do this or whatever too. <3)
The Story: Here but now they're gone. )
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Who: All the menfolks and possible interlopers (Santana)
Where: The boys' floor
When: All four nights
Rating: G but it might go up!
Summary: The girls got a sleepover, the guys should get some nightly shenanigans too!
The Story: It's only fair. )
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Who: Santana and Puck.
Where: Santana's room.
When: Backdated to 11/18, after the glee club meeting.
Rating: It's Puck and Santana, so the temperature's bound to get hot. PG-13.
Summary: Puck stops by Santana's room with something for her birthday.
The Story: I know you want me )
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Where: the music room
When: Friday, November 18
Rating: PG? no more than PG13.
Summary: It's time for another takeover, don't you think? This time: duets are performed! Wars are waged! Teenagers with glasses are turned on!
The Story: Yesterday was Santana's birthday. No one is allowed in here without a gift for her. )

[ooc: Stealing some of Koji's previous notes cause that's what Santanas doooo~

I'm thinking this should be organized with threads - every character who's singing/doing something/etc makes their own thread for it, and people reply with their reactions and such. And as usual, either [Action brackets] or Prose is fine - whichever you're more comfortable with.

Also, threadjacks! And remember, these are duets! COME HAVE FUN WITH USSSS!]
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Who: Kurt, Santana, Alto, Poland, Lithuania, Puck, Dean, Dave, Feferi Liza Minnelli, Sokka, Shannon, aaaaaaaand anyone else who wants show up.
Where: Tea Room on the first floor
When: Sometime after Kurt's post inviting everyone
Rating: G. Maybe PG if any adults start cursing or anything.
Summary: Kurt's going to have the best tea party.
The Story: Even if no one will let him near a kettle )
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Who: Terezi, Dave, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Sollux, Feferi, Puck, John, Hibari, Jade, Bro, Mark, Rei
Where: All over the goddamn place.
When: Between 28th-1st
Rating: Really, really, really unpleasant.
Summary: Terezi and Dave fuck shit up, the novel. If you interact with either of them during this event, it's going to happen in this log. I'll put up threads for each interaction.
The Story: anything please, except for defeat )
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Who: Dave Strider, Bro Strider, John Egbert, Santana Lopez, Dean Winchester, Puck, maybe a wild Baby Penguin Kurt Hummel
Where: Tearoom
When: Tuesday, October 25th
Rating: T for sexual explanations and language
Summary: Sex Education 101 is now beginning!
The Story: We're plotting our demise )
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Who: Yousuke Hanamura and THE WHOLE DAMN MANSION (if you want to)
Where: The beach!
When: Sunday, August 28, around 2 pm
Rating: In the PGs
Summary: Throwing a beach party to celebrate the end of summer!

The Story: the party god would be pleased )

[For your thread-starting convenience, here are some ideas for activities!

- Beach volleyball
- Boogie boards
- Kite flying
- Sandcastle making
- Frisbee
- Innertubes for chilling on the waves
- Sunbathing
- Delicious refreshments (Souji made!)
- Smash-the-watermelon
- And a fire with s'mores after dark

And whatever else you could bring or think up!

Please enjoy yourselves, mingle, and make new CR! Notices for the party have been left in common areas, so everyone is invited!]
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Who: Puck, and open to anyone who happens to be passing by.
Where: Starting in the entrance hall, and possibly moving elsewhere, depending on who shows up.
When: Sunday afternoon.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Puck finds himself in need of a little music therapy. Busking, Puck-style, is what follows.
The Story: A time-honored practice )
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Who: Glee Club
Where: The Choir room
When: Friday, July 21st
Rating: PG for the most part
Summary: It's competition to the death time for the Glee Club!


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