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Who: Nisei [[livejournal.com profile] want_your_tears]," Seimei [[livejournal.com profile] two_in_eden], and Hibari [[livejournal.com profile] hi_blog].
Where: Hibari's place of residence.
When: Today, after his talk with Ritsuka.
Rating: PG-13 (for potential violence, cussing, and naturally, more drama).
Summary: Hibari took Seimei, and Nisei let him, not knowing the whole story. Ritsuka let Nisei in on the fact that Hibari hurt Seimei, and now Nisei's out to get Seimei back, both out of guilt, and because Ritsuka asked him to. And as it so happens, he's not pleased with Hibari. At all.
The Story: Even the most loyal of dogs make mistakes. )


Apr. 17th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Who: seimei aoyagi [livejournal.com profile] two_in_eden  , elaine belloc [livejournal.com profile] demiurgos_girl  , ritsuka aoyagi [livejournal.com profile] no_no_badtouch  , soubi agatsuma [livejournal.com profile] wants_ur_ears  , nisei akame [livejournal.com profile] want_your_tears  ,  and  Angel [livejournal.com profile] talks_to_fish 
: Moving around Wonderland.. (Starting in the Foyer)

When: On the fourth day of Seimei being gone...
R+ for possible disturbing images and Major's fallout shenanigans.

(This post contains disturbing and dark themes. Do not open unless you feel comfortable viewing objectionable or bloody material. A sanitized summary may be available by IM or email. )

Summary: Seimei’s rescue team takes action!
the Story: I don’t need a yellow brick road, I have a special red string to follow )
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Who: Schuldig [profile] tastesliekhoney  and Nisei Akame [personal profile] playsadistplay 
Where Their bedroom.
When: Wednesday night.
Rating: PG-13 for some language and kissyfaceness.
Summary: Just pissing each other off, like they usually do.
the Story:
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Who: Soubi ([personal profile] wants_ur_ears  ) and Nisei ([personal profile] playsadistplay  )
Where: Soubi and Ritsuka's bedroom.
When: After the first day of the spring fesitval.
Rating: PG, for minor bad language.
Summary: Nisei wants to... apologize? What?
the Story:


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