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Who: Everyone
Where: Forrest
When: March 27th
Rating: pg-13? Unless someone wants to try and start something with him.
Summary: Ethan's alone and has an itchy trigger finger, which culminates into a massacre of watermelons and bottles.
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Who: Ethan Chandler and Everyone
Where: Where da vendors be
When: Backdated to December 8th
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Ethan is invited to hunt a giant reptile, Ethan needs guns and knives.
The Story: Prep )
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Who: Victor Frankenstein ([personal profile] lifeskills), Vanessa Ives ([personal profile] anotherdid), and Ethan Chandler ([personal profile] holdsoutfordignity).
Where: First floor tea room.
When: Backdated to Nov. 10th.
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Ethan rolls into town, prompting a Dreadful cast meeting. Sans Dorian Gray, because surprisingly there's someone more oblivious about canon plot than Ethan.

The Story:

a werewolf, a mad scientist, and a clairvoyant walk into a bar... )


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