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Who: Wonderland's Clinic Staff & any injured parties!
Where: The 1st floor clinic
When: The Hellhound Event (8/3 - 8/5)
Rating: R for possible gore
Summary: With a warning issued about a coming danger, Martha and the rest of the clinic doctors are ready and waiting to patch up anyone who gets wounded. But is the clinic itself safe from the hellhounds?

The Story: This was the most comprehensive warning they'd received... )

[OOC: If you play a doctor or if you have a character who's injured and in need of medical attention, feel free to tag in below! This is a mingle post so everyone's welcome to thread with everyone else.]
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Who: Ivory Truth Collector Kirigiri [[personal profile] somethinglost], Emerald Gatekeeper Guardian Aerith [[personal profile] cetra], Sneaky Guardian Annie Edison [[personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor], and Smiling Angel Tohru Honda [[personal profile] breakthecurse]. Also Crowley the mascot-helper [[personal profile] goesdown].
Where: Somewhere on the first floor, near the stairs
When: Early-ish in the event
Rating: PG(-13)
Summary: The hit group of pop idols, Witch Princess Miracle are backstage at their show, getting ready to face their fans. During the performance, they have to use their *:・゚✧magical girl*:・゚✧ powers to figure out what is wrong with the audience and save them!

Or at least, that's what the Mansion wants them to do. The magical girls themselves might have some other ideas.
The Story: *:・゚✧Magicaaaaal*:・゚✧ )

[ooc: Feel free to make multiple threads between two or three characters. I'll make one thread specifically for the *:・゚✧big concert✧:・゚*. The posting order on that (making this up off the topic of my head) can be Aerith, Annie, Kirigiri, Tohru, (and then Crowley, if he wants in on it).]
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Who: Rapunzel, Aerith and Vincent
Where: In the Garden
When: Backdated to before the event, not too long after Rapunzel arrives
Rating: PG?
Summary: Hair braiding party!!
The Story: fancy braiding time! )
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Charlie knows she was slacking off. Well, "moping" was more accurate: after Dean and Sam mysteriously vanished, she wasn't in much of a mood to do anything. After all, it seemed like even they couldn't do anything about whatever had kidnapped everyone. So she'd done what any reasonable nerd would do: gotten her closet to give her all the video games she never had time to play, and holed up in her room.

By the end of the week, at least, she was sick and tired of her self-imposed isolation (and Mass Effect, gasp), and with Dean's return? Well, it was something, at least. So she'd finally printed out flyers and obtained some Blurays, which was a little weird after all the downloading she did back home.

By the end of it, the ballroom had been decked out with a four foot tall HD flatscreen and a lot of comfy chairs. Charlie felt a little proud and sheepish all at once; this whole thing wasn't just for her, it was about building a sense of community, helping people relax. And boy, did everyone need that after riddles and monster rampages.

[So, we had a four-way tie, so we're going to do two things now and two next month! The rest of the things on the list will come along after that. That said, the winners are:

Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man! So basically it'll be more like Movie...Afternoon and Evening, starting at 2pm with the more kid-friendly movies (this labelling is questionable) and running to about 10. There will be lots of chairs/couches and a nice big screen, plus drinks and snacks on tables. And popcorn. Lots of popcorn. If you think your character would volunteer to help move chairs and stuff down, feel free to assume they did!]

[so just hang tight until all six category threads are posted, then go wild.]

[ open ]

May. 24th, 2013 03:41 pm
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Who: Zack Fair and YOU!
Where: Several different places.
When: May 25th, all day.
Rating: Er...PG? (Maybe PG-13.)
Summary: A Day in the Life with Zack Fair. Squats, lying around, and exploring -- nothing too unusual!
The Story: In comments below --
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Who: Clara Oswald & ? (Open to anyone and everyone!)
Where: Staircase, The Library, & The Gardens
When: an afternoon early in the week.
Rating: G/PG - don't see there being any need for warnings
Summary: Clara's curiosity and boredom leads to a lot of note taking and "experiments".
The Story: my life got flipped, turned upside down )
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Who: Sephiroth & OPEN
Where: Mansion Grounds; Checkerboard Hills then heading inside for the first time.
When: Upon Arrival 17th April
Rating: PG Will update as needed!
Summary: Sephiroth finds himself in Wonderland...
The Story: Not quite what I was going for... )
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Who: Tohru Honda [[personal profile] breakthecurse], Aerith Gainsborough [[personal profile] cetra], Ruby Lucas [[personal profile] childofthemoon], Annie Edison [[personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor], Martha Jones [[personal profile] selfrespecting], Kougyoku Ren [[personal profile] vineas], and any female friends they might like to invite.
Where: Tohru's Cottage Tent
When: April 15th, last day of the Truffula Valley event, evening
Rating: PG
Summary: The Eighth Floor Ladies decide to have the first of what is probably going to be many sleepovers.
The Story: Sleepover invite behind the cut ♥ )
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Who: Daryl & Whoever wants to help him or point and laugh, so open!
Where: Tent area
When: the 12th, afternoon/evening so he's had time to stew
Rating: PG-13 for Daryl's mouth, probably
Summary: There's only so much whimsy a guy can take
The Story: before he loses his shit )
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Who: Zulf, Aerith, Martha, Souji
Where: Zulf's room -- fifth floor, number 016.
When: Monday, April 8, very early morning.
Rating: PG-13 -- blood's involved. Also, mention of suicide.
Summary: Some of Zulf's wounds have opened up again and he's losing blood. Aerith, Martha and maybe Souji come to his aid.

take these broken wings and learn to fly )
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Who: Tifa and Aerith
Where By the kitchens to start
When: After Aerith's journal
Rating: G.
Summary: Two friends meet up after a week, a year, and death did them part
the Story:  This was going to be a little bit awkward. )
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Who: Aerith Gainsborough [[ profile] holdingflowers] & Cloud Strife [[ profile] dontwantdespair]
Where: Outside so if any of you want to actually SEE this scene from outside of your window, feel free to do so. :D
Rating: PG. ... after all, who knows what all may happen. :|
Summary: CLOUD IS AN ANTI-SOCIAL IDIOT WHO HASN'T BEEN PROPERLY CONVINCED TO STAY IN THE MANSION YET. ... so... who better to poke him into submission than Aerith? :D;
the Story: tell me your answer choose me or die. looooooooooooooove you )


Jun. 21st, 2008 10:12 pm
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Who: Aerith [[ profile] holdingflowers], Zack [[ profile] asahero], & eventually Cloud [[ profile] dontwantdespair]
Where Aerith's room, then outside
When: Day of/after Aerith's arrival
Rating: PG?
Summary: Aerith and Zack have a chat, then go to kidnap Cloud
the Story: and we're only several miles from the sun )


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