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Who: Vayne and Yuuko
Where: A tea room near the great mirror
>When: March 31st 2009
Summary: Vayne wants answers, Yuuko wants tea
the Story: She offered me tea )
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Who: Yuuko and Sammy
Where: A random hallway
When: The third day of the Loveless event
Rating: PG most likely
Summary: Yuuko and Sam decide to test out their Event power on the heartless
The Story: What in the world is that?! )
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Who: All residents of the Mansion.
Where The English Room
When: During the Mad Mod event.
Rating: PG. \o/
Summary: Today the Mansion's turned into a most unusual sort of learning environment. Can you survive the perils of Education, now with its own unique Mansion flavor? [Note that while your character can only be in one of the classrooms to start with, they can sure as hell escape... only to land into another. Feel free to interact with one another. \o/ Hey, you might even rescue your poor friends!]
the Story: A, B, C, D. )
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Who: Replica Riku [livejournal.com profile] madeinoblivion Mirror!Yuuko [livejournal.com profile] missichihara
Where Mirrorside, Mansion's upper floors.
When: day one of mirror event, late evening.
Rating: (?) Ah...PG, unless things go uber-sketch?
Summary: Arland wants answers. He's got some idea of who he should go to, on this side...
the Story: Up and Down stairs... )
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Who: Clow Reed ([livejournal.com profile] a_game_of_cards) and Yuuko Ichihara ([livejournal.com profile] missichihara
Where The attic
When: Right after this conversation
Rating: PG, I guess?
Summary: Yuuko died during the last event. Clow isn't happy at all.
the Story: it should have been different )


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