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Who: Balthazar and open
Where: mansion grounds
When: During the Hellhound event.
Rating: PG-13ish for violence and swearing.
Summary: Balthazar's willing to protect whoever wants/needs it, kill hellhounds, get bitten, and/or provide information.

Day 1

Devil's shoestring. Devil's shoestring. It's not a 100% effective way to keep Hellhounds at bay, but it should be the easiest to get, considering there's no graveyard about to harvest dust from. 'Should' being the operative word. Balthazar's attempts to request the herb from his closet have proven ineffective, but he has a lot of nice new shoelaces, some with nifty fire patterns on them. The vendors outside are equally at a loss, so he's finally given up on purchase and gone out to pick over the gardens and the woods.

Days 2-3

Having secured only a few pitiful strands of Devil's shoestring, Balthazar's at somewhat of a loss. Between the herb and a few sigils, he may have secured a safe space in his own closet, but he's hardly going to stay there himself, and it's not big enough to give a general offer of shelter.

Perhaps it'll do if he encounters someone injured. In the meantime, all he can do is roam the halls with his blade drawn, prepared to defend himself, and hope he won't encounter anyone he knows being ripped to shreds.
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Who: Susan and Anyone!
Where: Anywhere indoors.
When: The second and third days of the Hellhound Event. *
Rating: PG-PG-13 depending on how graphic anything gets.
Summary: Susan is looking for people who need help and intends to drag them (willingly, unconscious, or kicking and screaming, if necessary,) to safety.
The Story: These demonic creatures were hounding her at every turn. )

*If you have a thread you'd like to do on Day 1 of the event, please, have at. Just please put "DAY 1" in the subject so I know what's up. It's all good.

OOC: Everyone is welcome to tag in! If you've got an idea about what your character is doing, and you'd like Susan to run into them, feel free to start a thread. If you'd like to toss them at Susan but are drawing a blank for a set-up, just drop an empty comment below (with a day in the subject, for preference) or message me. I'll drop something in, or we can figure something out.
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Who: Balthazar and open!
Where: The library, the kitchen, and assorted other mansion locations.
When: Monday
Rating: Probably PG?
Summary: Balthazar is in need of distraction. I have two scenarios here, but feel free to bump into him in the halls in between locations, if you're so inclined. I'm game for other ideas, too.

Reading )

Cooking )
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Who: Closed to all Supernatural peeps as contestants! (Death, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Gabriel, Lucifer, Crowley, Balthazar, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle, Kevin Tran, Dick Roman, Meg, and any other castmate that has yet to respond. WE WANT YOU!) Anybody else that wants to be part of the audience, feel free to post in the audience section only c:
Where: Inside a fabulous TV wonderland of trivia, family bonding, and prizes
When: Sometime during the event
Rating: With this crowd? At least PG-13
Summary: Remember that program Family Feud? This is that, but Supernatural flavored. Categories are all based on sometimes fun and often tragic laced things from their universe. It's Hunters and Humans vs. Angels and Demons with a Leviathan judge and Death hosting. Welp....

The Story: Nothing terrible ever comes of the Supernatural cast all being in the same log. Nope. Not at all. )
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Who: Martha Jones & SO MANY PEOPLE
Where: All over, though mainly the clinic.
When: Throughout the science event. (May 31st - June 3rd)
Rating: R for gore.
Summary: As affected by the science event, Martha wants to experiment. And a doctor wanting to experiment can only go wrong...
The Story: It starts small, somewhere in mid-morning on Friday. )
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Who: Balthazar (or Mirror!Balthazar), and OPEN
Where: the gardens
When: Wednesday-ish
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Summary: Balthazar is just having a nice little booze picnic. The Mirror version is looking for information.

Realside )

Mirrorside )
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Who: The Angels.
Where: The bar, and anywhere else in the mansion that drunken angels go.
When: ICly tonightish.
Rating: Let's call it a healthy PG — for the moment.
Summary: Get in, losers. We're going drinking.
The Story: If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. )
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Who: Clara Oswald & ? (Open to anyone and everyone!)
Where: Staircase, The Library, & The Gardens
When: an afternoon early in the week.
Rating: G/PG - don't see there being any need for warnings
Summary: Clara's curiosity and boredom leads to a lot of note taking and "experiments".
The Story: my life got flipped, turned upside down )
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Who: Someone and YOU [Open]
Where: All over Wonderland
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Summary: Someone has appeared to provide some hints
The Story: In a wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by )

[If you have ooc questions about this log or this NPC, please use the Q&A thread on this post to ask them. All are welcome to tag here!]


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