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Who: Michonne + You
Where: The bar
When: Feb. 13th
Rating: Let's start at PG-13 for light cussing and we can move it up from there if we need to
Summary: Carl was here. Now he's gone. Quick as that. (prose or brackets is fine, will match!)
The Story: Bullshit. )
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Who: Simon Lauchlan, Jo Harvelle & you!
Where: The entrance hall & ballroom.
When: December 31st, late afternoon & evening.
Rating: PG
Summary: Simon and Jo are tying the knot-- remarkably, nobody ran off to hide in the woods beforehand.

Open invitation within! )
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Who: Ellen Harvelle and YOU
Where: Various
When: December 15th - December 17th
Rating: R for language. Ellen's got a mouth on her.
Summary: Ellen's experiencing the Little Match Girl event.
The Story: It'll be cold, cold, cold, without you home this Christmas. )
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Who: Evelyn O'Connell ([personal profile] nascensibility) and YOU!
Where: Hallways, library, and garden of Wonderland (please specify)
When: Nov. 5 - Nov. 11
Rating: PG, probably
Summary: Odd enough waking up dressed as a belly dancer. Even odder she can't remember how, or why, or...anything else, really.
The Story: you have no control: who lives, who dies )
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Who: Ellen Harvelle and John Winchester
Where: The Bar
When: September 20th [backdated to the event]
Rating: R
Summary: Ellen's got a score to settle.
The Story: You can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God'll cut you down )
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Who: Angel, Jo Harvelle, Lily Potter & you!
Where: Throughout the mansion and grounds.
When: 9/17 - 9/21
Rating: R
Summary: Shattered Sight event and its aftermath! All three of them have grievances to air.
The Story: Whatever it was must have been some kind of illusion; )
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Who: Max Rockatansky & Everyone else who feels like making frends
Where: The Garden, The Kitchen, The Library
When: 08/24
Rating: Mature content primarily because of Max's canon. Potential triggers can be found here that may or may not be brought up either in character discussion or Max's internal monologues.
Summary: Max kind of having religious experiences all over the place over all the food and water and green stuff tbh.
The Story: and especially don't eat the flowers )
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Who: Jo Harvelle & you!
Where: Throughout Abel Township.
When: August 9th & August 10th
Rating: PG
Summary: As an honorary Abel Runner, Jo is doing her part to help keep things going smoothly around town-- plus snooping.
The Story: There's a time to pray and there's a time to fight; )
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Who: Jo Harvelle & you!
Where: Fifth floor training room, the bar and Fort Dixon-Potter.
When: August 12th, throughout the day.
Rating: PG, will alter if needed.
Summary: Loss is inevitable, but still difficult to bear.
The Story: Listen to me, you've been lonely too long; )

Party time

Jul. 12th, 2014 02:06 pm
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Who: Porthos (class: 1-3; age: 15), Ellen Harvelle (class: 3-2; age: 18), and James Rogers (class: 3-1; age: 18)
Where: All over the festival
When: The entire Festival
Rating: PG-?
Summary: Let's have a party in various places
The Story: Having fun )
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Who: Anyone and everyone who is already a participant or wishes to join the Wonderland resistance! That means you. Yes, you. Get in here!
Where: Fort Dixon-Potter
When: Sunday, 6/15, 9:00 PM and onwards.
Rating: PG by default.
The Story: Though you die, La Resistance lives on! )
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Who: Ellen/Porthos & You
Where: Everywhere
When: Duration of the event (May 16th - 19th)
Rating: Pg13 (will change if necessary)
Summary: Everyone's craving something. Some cravings are easier to satisfy than others.
The Story:
So tell me what you want, what you really really want )
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Who: Ellen or Porthos and EVERYONE
Where: Ellen: Bar, mostly
Porthos: Outside, wandering, or the library
When: The length of the event.
Rating: PG?
Summary: Catch all for my people.
The Story: insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Martha Jones and OPEN.
Where: The grounds, near the gardens. (Also the clinic!)
When: 4/14 - 4/18
Rating: PG
Summary: Martha's determined to stay fit and be more prepared for any future dangers. The answer to that? T'ai chi.
The Story: let my roots take flight )
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Who: Erica, Isaac, and Ellen
Where: Ellen's Bar
When: Evening of arrival day (April 7th)
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Isaac helping get Erica settled and food as per Ellen's earlier offer.

The Story: I'm gonna make this place your home... )
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Who: Lord Buckingham ([personal profile] airshipswank), Athos ([personal profile] thestormcomes) & Ellen Harvelle ([personal profile] justrunsasaloon
Where: Buckingham's room & tba
When: April 12th & 13th
Rating: R+ for sexual content
Summary: Saturday is game day for Athos and Buckingham. This weekend the latter has a particularly brilliant idea to raise the stakes. One day later Ellen makes an equally brilliant choice about the flavour of social interaction currently missing in her life.
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Who: Ellen and YOU
Where: Everywhere
When: April 11 - 14th
Rating: PG (will change if needed)
Summary: Open log for the Event and the day after...
The Story: And just those that need Mommy time.... )
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Who: Chris Argent & Open! (closed to Daryl for his initial arrival)
Where: The Caves, and then he'll be roaming the grounds and mansion.
When: March 5th
Rating: PGish
Summary: Chris arrives in the caves and wants some answers.
The Story: Bombs go boom and toss him into a cave. Not the best day he's ever had. )
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Who: Jack Sparrow and YOU.
Where: Anywhere in Wonderland. Literally, anywhere.
When: After all the murders and stuff.
Rating: PG-ish??? idk guys, I play a pirate.
Summary: When there's no events going on, Jack wanders, with a lack of anything else to do.
The Story: And I would walk 500 more... )
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Who: Castiel and OPEN
Where: All over the mansion and the grounds.
When: Over the course of Ewaymas (12/15 - 12/25)
Rating: R
Summary: With a number of close friends and acquaintances being replaced by near-strangers, Castiel's got a lot of work to do. Between all the research and staring at ghosts, maybe there'll even be time for some Christmas spirit.
The Story: that which drew you like a crow to glass beads )
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Who: Dean Winchester, Emma Swan & COMPLETELY OPEN
Where: Literally all over Wonderland
When: Dec 15-24
Rating: R for language, violence, adult themes
Summary: When Emma agreed to acompany Dean on his stupid suicide mission of inevitable death and idiocy, neither of them prepared for the mistletoe. Or, you know, the freaking time travel.
The Story: Brace for epic TL;DR )
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Who:Mama Hunter
Where:Around everywhere
When: The Zombie event
Rating:R for violence
Summary: Ellen loves Zombies.
The Story: That brought me to my knees, failed. What if all these fantasies come )
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Who: Isaac & You!
Where: Mostly the jail but he'll also be outside at some point.
When: Zombie Event!
Rating: R; Violence, mutilation, cursing, death, mentions of abuse.
Summary: Catch-all for the event, we do not need prior plans if you want to tag in, just try to be mindful of current plans please and thank you!
The Story: ►how do you kill what is dead?◄ )
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Who: Ellen and... everyone.
Where: Realside, everywhere.
When: 26th -> 2nd
Rating: PG -> R (Warnings, below)
Summary: Ellen's log for the Halloween event.
The Story: She is the very best )
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Who: Jo & Ellen Harvelle
Where: Ellen's room.
When: Backdated to the evening of October 14th.
Rating: PG
Summary: Now that Ellen's settled, it's time for Jo to fill her in on why things are so strained.
The Story: Cue the lecturing. )
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Who: Crowley and Ellen, Crowley and Buckingham
Where: The mines
When: Day 3 of the event
Rating: PG13
Summary: Crowley isn't enjoying this one.

(Threads below.)
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Who: Emma Swan, Jo Harvelle, Angel & Friends -- or enemies, as the case may be.
Where: Throughout the mines.
When: October 3rd - 7th.
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Summary: Various event happenings within! Exploration, panic, frustration and monster-slaying abound.
The Story:
Emma )

Jo )

Angel )

[[OOC: If we don't have a planned thread or a placeholder set up but you want to run into one of these three at some point during the event, go ahead and tag on the desired day! Just let me know which character you want in the subject line.]]


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