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Who: Cordelia Chase & various & open!
Where: Hot mess all over this grill.
When: Hellhound Invasion: Days One - Three.
Rating: R for potential death/gore.
Summary: Cordelia's not sure which she prefers right now: Painless visions or a vision coma.
The Story: run to where you want; )
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Who: Jean Valjean ([personal profile] willbegone) and The Batman ([personal profile] wingedavenger).
Where: The kitchen.
When: 6/19, very late in the evening.
Summary: Valjean finds himself in the mood for a late night cup of tea, and encounters someone he doesn't expect. Shenanigans happen.
The Story: Or maybe swoosh is more accurate )
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Who: Ruby Lucas and Semi-Open (see here for how to get involved)
Where: Outside, the woods
When: Wednesday, April 24 - Friday, April 26, nighttime
Warnings: Mature rating for language, angst gore, graphic descriptions of death and violence and things being eaten
Summary: Ruby has the tiny problem of wolfing out during the three nights of the full moon. Given her current lack of control while in wolf form, this makes her a bloodthirsty, pony-sized monstrosity. Let's see how wrong this can possibly go. 
The Story: 

Howl )
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Who: Jean Valjean and open.
Where: The dining room.
When: 4/7, early morning.
Rating: PG-13, though I don't foresee anything bad happening.
Summary: A 19th century man encounters a modern kitchen. Confusion ensues.
The Story:
What on earth have I walked into? )


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