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Who: Haru ([livejournal.com profile] skater_lynx )& Hong Kong ([livejournal.com profile] fireworksntea )
Where The pool
When: Sometime during the day
Rating: PG-13? (for relationship talk and cursing)
Summary: Haru and Hong Kong have a talk.
the Story: What is this thing called love? )
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Who: Xerxes Break ([livejournal.com profile] iaccuse), Lawrence ([livejournal.com profile] tagged_tongue), Coraline ([livejournal.com profile] exploring_game), Azure Kite ([livejournal.com profile] azureflamegod), Hong Kong ([livejournal.com profile] fireworksntea and...?
Where Outside the Mansion
When: During the storm: from the 21st until the morning of the 23rd.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There's more to this storm than bad weather.
the Story: do you hear what i hear? )
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Who: Korea & Hong Kong, Haru
Where beach
When: after Korea's arrival
Rating: TBA. Groping and everything else TBA
Summary: Korea wants to see his little brother. HK tried to flee.
the Story: insert witty cut text here )


Oct. 10th, 2009 10:28 am
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Who: Haru and anyone who wants to try and save (names come later!)
Where Outside of Haru's room
When: After this post
Rating: PG-13...cause it's Haru?
Summary: Haru's gotten into something and now those who care/don't care about him are worried.
the Story: For those who feel brave enough to try )
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Who: Hong Kong & Haru
Where Hallway (?)
When: Backdated to the start of the mirror event
Rating: TBA
Summary: HK is trying to find Haru, but he doesn't know that M!Haru came over...
the Story: He had to find Haru. )
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Who: Oswald ([livejournal.com profile] seekthebird) & VERY MUCH OPEN
Where: Behind the mansion, near the woods
When: After the Queen's post and when all the memories go back to normal
Rating: G?
Summary: Oswald spent four days believing he was awesome, his fairydad loved him/wasn't dead, and there was a huge party waiting for him back in Ringford. Now he's really cranky. Beating on trees ensues o9
The Log: Needless to say, his plans of returning to Ringford for a huge and awesome party were totally ruined now. )
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Who: Hong Kong and Haru
Where: Outside near the Pond
When: After this post
Rating: PG for possible cursing
Summary: Hong Kong wants to try skates and Haru is going to give him a hand
the Story: I'm not crazy but my friends- )
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Who: China and Hong Kong
Where China's room [eighth floor, room 014]
When: after china's first entry
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hong Kong comes to visit his father after seeing that he arrived. And China wants to know what is going on.
the Story: What is going on, aru. )
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Who: Hong Kong, Prussia
When: after Prussia arrived
Rating: PG-13 because of Prussia TBA
Summary: HK shows Prussia around.
the Story: I'll show you around. )
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Who: Demyx ([livejournal.com profile] iplaythesitar ), Open
Where: On the grounds, near the fountain
When: In the early evening, soon after Demyx arrived
Rating: G for now?
Summary: Demyx wants to take a look around the mansion, and get a start on his "mission"-- finding out as much about the mansion as he can.
The Story: Spider-Dem, Spider-Dem... does whatever a Spider-Dem does! )
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Who: Hong Kong / James Chen & Lucius Vorenus
Where Lucius's room
When: Shortly after Lucius arrived
Rating: PG for blood?
Summary: James said that he'd help with the wound, so here he is.
the Story: What kind of wàidìrén is this? )


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