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Who: Abigail Hobbs & YOU
Where: Anywhere around the mansion
When: The duration of the event (May 17 - 19)
Rating: R for gory imagery, discussion of cannibalism, murder, and trauma (will update as needed)
Summary: Abigail experiences her first event in Wonderland, which leaves her craving acceptance, and forgiveness for her part in her father's murders. As the days go by, though, she begins to also desire violence, and the feeling of power it gives her.
The Story: and care for no one but the offspring of your might )
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Who: Lilith and OPEN
Where: Everywhere
When: The Event
Rating: R for sex, violence and all kinds of demon goodness
What: Lilith has a craving that needs to be filled. Sex, blood and comfort.

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Who: Lindsey and Lilith
Where: Lilith's Rooms
When: April 20th
Rating: TV MA
Summary: Furthering two different addictions
The Story:

Don't be scared... )
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Who: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Evelyn O'Connell, Cecil Palmer, Elizabeth, Lindsey McDonald, Seta Souji, Meg.  Unconfirmed: Martha Jones?, Agent Washington? Alice Liddell?  George Lass? America? Stiles Stilinski? Mr. Gold? Isaac Lahey?  
Where: The Dining Room
When: The evening of 4/16
Rating: PG-13, CW for implied cannibalism. 
Summary: Hannibal Lecter throws a dinner party.

Tie your napkin round your neck cherie and we'll provide the rest )
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Who: Jesse & Blake, Jesse & Crowley, Jesse & Lindsey
Where: Errywhere
When: Erryt- During the event
Rating: ED for "Effin' Dumb"
Summary: "What're we building?" "You said it yourself--"
The Story: .....A ROBOT??? )
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Who?: Lindsey Mcdonald and you?
What?: Event catchall - the 20th thru the 27th
Warnings?: So many warnings. Potentially. Lindsey and Abby threads, Lindsey being an oily little thief and also shy, and Lindsey being A merman (drawing by inklingbot.)

Teen!Lindsey and Mer-Lindsey below the cut.
You go down down down, in the sugar and the corn. )
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Who: Daryl & Everyone, Jesse & Everyone
Where: Here there and everywhere
When: 3/20 - 3/27
Rating: R for language and drug use and whatnot
Summary: Event catchall thingy for both Daryl & Jesse
The Story: there's nothing under this cut )
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Who? Lindsey and You?, Open post before a network post. He did die during the valentine's day event so I'm taking the reigns and saying that he left then and returned - memories of wonderland gone. A fresh start of sorts but if your character remembers him please please tell him.
When? Prior to the merman event, so on the 2nd-3rd.
Where? The gardens, the library, generally exploring and looking super duper lost. Also room 18 on the fourth floor, as he explores his new surroundings.
Warnings? Nothing yet! If you want something pm me and let's do it!
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Feb. 2nd, 2014 09:22 pm
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Who: older!Bela and YOU.
Where: Around the mansion
When: February 2nd/3rd
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Bela gets hit by a weeping angel or two and ages about 40 years. She's trying to find somewhere to hide until it blows over.
Notes: Responses will be coming from [personal profile] ongeriatricsheets and Bela will be moving on from the room she's in. Feel free to respond with action!
The Story: stupid, bloody statues )


Jan. 18th, 2014 11:55 am
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Who?: Lindsey McDonald and You?
When?: Event Catch-All.
Where?: All around. Making new CR, making old CR. Getting into fights.
Warnings?: So for the event Lindsey looks normal. And he's thinking that he lucked out - even though he has all the same problems that people wearing armor have. The problem is that the only "armor"-esque things in Whedon (Unless I wanted to make him iron man.) Is Ted. So ideally what I would love is for someone to call him on his shit and then hit him so that that flimsy skin rips off.

Please oh please.

Apart from the heavier steps and the fact that he can't sleep - Lindsey is feeling fine. Everyone esle is marching around like robots and he's feeling fine and dandy and he can't help but feel like he dodged a bullet. Like he's not participating. So much for missing a bullet.

All the same he knows something is off. Medically - he's not tired and there's that heavier step. He hasn't put on any weight, if anything he's lost weight hasn't he? So why all of this?

All the same, watching people, helping them, trying to be benevolent. Trying to make allies? that's his goal.


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