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Who: Shiba Kuukaku ([livejournal.com profile] fireworks_plz), Hayato Gokudera ([livejournal.com profile] hurricanebomber), Rizelle ([livejournal.com profile] marionetteweb)
Where: Outside of the mansion
When: Mid-morning of the 25th
Rating: G, PG? Unless stuff starts blowing up for no reason
Summary: The three go for a stroll in the nice spring morning air... to find a good place to set up an epic fireworks invention.
the Story: Fire in the hole! )
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Who:Jace Beleren [[livejournal.com profile] meddling_mage],Haruhi Fujioka [[livejournal.com profile] haruhifujioka],Anita Blake [[livejournal.com profile] a_necromancer]
WhereThe Library
When:The Present
Rating:G to PG at best
Summary: Jace thought he got out, only to get back in.
the Story: He's a real Nowhere Man, sitting in his Nowhere Land, making all his Nowhere Plans for Nobody )

[NOTE: The Queen has NOT done anything to Jace officially. He may believe she has. Wonderland has simply made his power not work according to plan. Now he's a bit crazy.]
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Who:Dean Winchester [[livejournal.com profile] viva_la_impala],Rizelle [[livejournal.com profile] marionetteweb],Russia [[livejournal.com profile] sunflowersunday],Nikki [[livejournal.com profile] rvolutionaryboy],Saffron[[livejournal.com profile] cunningcleavage] and Anyone Else Who Shows Up
WhereThe Main Foyer/Hall
When:During all the Hullabaloo
Rating:R for mouths,mirrors,and violence [preemptive]
Summary:Dean is holding down the fort, Mad Martigan style.
the Story: It's not Magic. It's just shiney! )
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Who: Beast Boy, Lelouch, and Rizelle
Where: The library
Rating: PG. Seriously. They're finding a kitten's meow, I can't imagine this turning into a Grindhouse adventure.
Summary: THE KITTEN WUZ DEPRESS so these three decided to run around looking for evidence for Alice's trial.
the Story:

way better than Shark Boy and Lava Girl )
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Who: Ovan and Rizelle
WhereRizelle's Room
When: March 7th
Rating: Pg-13 for safety
Summary: Ovan wants to meet a real life demon and Rizelle is willing.
the Story: Demons and Demonesses )
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Who: Death, the "elves", and anyone who wants a present
Where: Main entrance to mansion
When: December 15, all day
Rating: PG for Jay being a grump
Summary: With no Santa around, it looks like the job (once again) falls on Death to save the holiday. First things first to make people believe: set up a display and give out presents.
the Story: 


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