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Who: The Doctor ([livejournal.com profile] beforeimakiller) and Frederic Chopin ([livejournal.com profile] pianopoet)
Where: The Doctor's room?
When: Today (Saturday the 22nd), after Chopin's post but before the Doctor replied to the Dalek? lol.
Rating: G-PG, at least to start with. Lots of angst, though?
Summary: The Doctor and A Composer meet up for Tea.
the Story: im in ur mansion, sippin ur tea )
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Who: The Doctor [[livejournal.com profile] beforeimakiller] & Oono Suefumi [[livejournal.com profile] mai_go]
Where Hallway of the Mansion
When: In the Afternoon
Rating: G [for now]
Summary: Suefumi, who does not just get it that you need to turn the knob to open a door, has the Doctor help find a room for he to stay in.
the Story: There should be sliding doors in the mansion for western style impared people like Suefumi.... )
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Who: Captain Jack Harkness ([profile] capt_j_harkness) & The Ninth Doctor ([profile] beforeimakiller)
Where: The Doctor's room
When: A few days after the Doctor's arrival.
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The Doctor and Jack have some catching up to do...
the Story: 

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Who: Rose Tyler and The Ninth Doctor
Where The lobby
When: Night time
Rating: PG-13, unless something crazy happens
Summary: Rose is reunited with her Doctor only it’s not how she saw him last.
the Story: It was suppose to be impossible... )


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