Feb. 24th, 2017

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Who: Frisk and whoever might be awake at this absurd hour
Where: The kitchen
When: 2/21 and onward
Rating: PG-13 for general Undertale content
Summary: I just can't keep worrying about these things that I can't talk about.
The Story: is it fear of overstepping lines? )
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Who: Alphys and Sans
Where: Sans' room and beyond
When: 2/24
Rating: Probably PG-13 for possible discussion of suicide and death, along with other sensitive topics.
Summary: A friend reaches out to a friend.
The Story: you must have the words in that head of yours )
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Who: Vanellope and whoever visits her/sees her after she finally leaves her room
Where: Her room (either prompt), anywhere in the Mansion (second prompt)
When: 2/21-2/23 (first), 2/24 (second)
Rating: PG
Summary: Vanellope locks herself in her room for three days after the nightmares, and finally comes out on the 24th acting like nothing was wrong.

The Story: even if you don't die, disappearing hurts. )
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Who: Cami O'Connell and Klaus Mikaelson
Where: The Therapy Office
When: Feb 16-ish
Rating: PG-13? Talk of death, major spoilers for The Originals season 3, character getting sick
Summary: Cami's learned more about what happens back home, and it's breaking her up inside. The worst part? She's pretty sure there's still more.
The Story: I guess the world didn't stop for my broken heart )


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