Apr. 22nd, 2017

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Who: Daisy and YOU/Daisy and Ward
Where: Wonderland/AU Tear
When: April 22nd-April 24th
Rating: R (For gore)
Summary: Daisy fights off the zombies(with help), gets bit, and sees into an alternate reality for herself.
The Story:

it’s getting late, so close your eyes, sleep for days )
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Who: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and YOU!
Where: Around the mansion and/or inside one of several Dangan Ronpa AUs.
When: Throughout the event!
Rating: Probably somewhere from PG-13 to R... some of the AUs will likely contain a good amount of violence and death
Summary: An event catchall! Help Ishimaru take on invisible zombies, or join him in exploring one of the AUs within the tears.
The Story: This tears it )
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Who: Rocket and Rip
Where: A hallway in the mansion.
When: 4/23
Rating: R for the aftermath of violence and death and just a lot of unpleasant things. Like Rocket's mouth.
Summary: Rocket realizes that sometimes shooting invisible things doesn't get you the results you want. And he is in no way prepared to fight animal-on-animal with something bigger than he is.
Warnings: Blood, mild gore, animals in pain, death.
The Story: but in the end we all go the same )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford & YOU
Where: Various
When: 4/21 - 4/24
Rating: PG-3 to R (likely themes are drug use, blood and violence)
Summary: Books develop a life of their own, invisible creatures must be fought, strange and horrible sights are seen and visited: Cullen's event catch-all, all four days.
The Story: Dance, dance, dance to the distortion... )
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Who: Sayaka Maizono & YOU!
Where: In the mansion or one of the tears with alternate universes.
When: Throughout the event ( April 21st - 24th )
Rating: PG-13 to R! One of these tears will have violence and death.
Summary: In which this idol has to deal with invisible creatures and strange alternate universes. Sayaka's event catchall!
The Story: I'm taking back the crown )


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