Jun. 13th, 2017

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Who: Stanley Pines ([personal profile] charlastan) and Rick Sanchez ([personal profile] wriggedywrecked)
Where: The bar
When: After the most recent Mirror Event, Backdated to hell due to a hiatus oops, after this thread.
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Stan got murdered in an event and he and Rick drown their sorrows like well adjusted adults.
The Story: Replaced by pints of whiskey, cigarettes, and outer space. )
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Who: Toriel and Asriel
Where: Room 12 on the second floor
When: 6/13
Rating: PG-13 depending on where conversations go
Summary: Asriel's moved into Chara and Frisk's room. Toriel visits. Awkward meetings ensure.
The Story: That awkward moment when you meet your dead kid )


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