Jun. 19th, 2017

nextfate: (★ 2)
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Who: Jane Weller, Sarah Weller, & Dan Palmer
Where: Tattoo parlor
When: Whenever makes sense???
Rating: PGish but not more than that probably.
Summary: Dan needs an assist on what to do for his anniversary with Evie. Jane didn't know wtf so she called Sarah.
The Story: Jane could just give them matching tattoos. )
postictal: (where there is no light)
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Who: Tim, and also you, if you so choose
Where: Around Wonderland
When: 6/19
Rating: PG-13 for suicide ideation, allusions self-harm, recollections of past trauma
Summary: It's June 19th - Tim's birthday. The day before he posted the final entry.
The Story: i am obsolete and apathetic, thoughtlessly apologetic )
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Who: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers
Where: Their room
When: After the event
Rating: Wonderland death, canon death, will update as needed
Summary: Mostly talking
The Story: put the past behind you )


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