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Who: Edogawa Conan [[personal profile] walkingdesuno] and Arisato Minato [[personal profile] jivitadana]
Where: Third Floor, Room 221
When: Tuesday, July 17
Rating: G to PG
Summary: Conan's been injured and needs to be healed.
The Story: 一人で背負わないで気づいて 私が居ること )
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Who: Poland and ???
Where: Out on the mansion grounds
When: 10/7
Rating: Probably PG at most
Summary: Poland's having a bit of trouble dealing with Liet's departure, but at least the revolution has pushed him into accepting it enough to leave the room now and then. Progress?
The Story: ...Lonesome would mean nothing to me at all. )
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Who: Edogawa Conan (Kudo Shinichi) [[livejournal.com profile] walkingdesuno] and Anyone
Where: All around the Mansion? Mostly Library, outside, or hallways.
When: All day!
Rating: G?
Summary: Conan is a curious child. This means he isn't staying in his room for forever. COME PEOPLE. MEET SHINICHI.
The Story: Shinichi wasn't too short for the text cut anymore )
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Who: Edogawa Conan [livejournal.com profile] walkingdesuno and Anyone really
Where: Outside in the gardens
When: Afternoon
Rating: G
Summary: Conan invited Minato to soccer, but he arrived way too early since he was bored anyway. Beware, a soccer ball just might hit someone.
The Story: Conan had soccer skills that defied gravity )
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Who: Bagheera ([livejournal.com profile] nomansplaything) and anyone who wants to take him on!
Where: Various places in and around the mansion.
When: Any time during this event.
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Summary: Bagheera will be hiding in various places and pouncing on whoever walks by... >:]

The Story:

No one should ever underestimate a leopard's sense of self preservation. )


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